Worst Transformers Toy In The World Is?

G2 Slingshot

He’s made from craptastic gold plastic! Plastic that disintegrates with any movement or even with a dirty look. Slingshot has (GPS) Gold Plastic Syndrome. Collectors have opined since the early 2000’s about what causes it. I have always assumed since the cracks seem to follow the swirls in the plastic (at least the ones I have gotten) that it has to do with the plastics not mixing thoroughly. Some have claimed they spontaneously burst! Here’s what I do know, it has been 7 long years since I got a G2 slingshot unbroken. If you’re looking for a piece of one let me know, but good luck putting them together without breaking it yet again.

Of note, this effect is most pronounced on gold plastic hence the moniker, but can affect any plastics 1988 – 2000 with metal flakes. GPS affects the following G1 Transformers figures: Bristleback, Skyhammer, Slog, Roadblock, Sprocket, Black Zarak and Killbison. G2 figures Electro and Slingshot. Some Beast Wars, European G1-G2 transitional figures and other more recent figures are affected as well. If you have a G2 Slingshot unbroken, I highly advise you not to transform it.

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