Blaster NICE FIGURE MIB 100% Complete 1985 Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers

Sold For: $210.00

Sold Date: July 28, 2020

Box Condition: Includes the original tray. All the inner flaps and side flaps are intact. Box has some wear, he touched up some of the corners so there would be less white showing from shelf wear. I will let the pictures describe the box.

Figure Condition: The figure was resealed by the prior owner. I left it thinking a new purchaser might prefer it left resealed and looked at the figure under magnification for evaluation. Rated an 85 with some light wear, deck is stuck by the look of the right button. My grading scale is 1 – 100 with mint flawless items a 100, near mint items a 95, excellent items a 90 and so on. This item is an authentic vintage Hasbro item. This item is not a fake, bootleg, reissue, remake or encore. Comes as shown.

Sticker Condition: Rated an 85

Accessory Condition: 100% complete and they are rated a 90

Joint Condition: Presumably Tight

Paperwork: Includes all paperwork shown

Price History

August 12, 2022 for $146.08
code 472
April 2, 2022 for $164.67
code 505
July 28, 2020 for $210.00

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