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Improving the Value of Your Collectibles: Grading and Authenticating Services

For as long as human civilization has existed, there have been those that love to gather collections. The contents of these collections have ranged from valuable trinkets to sentimental belongings. As the years progressed, the nature of collecting changed with the rise of new hobbies and obsessions. As pop culture became a driving force, new […]

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What toys should not get graded by the AFA/CGA, CAS, etc?

For decades, services like the AFA (Action Figure Authority), which is a part of the CGA (Collectible Grading Authority), and the CAS (Collector’s Archives Services) have helped to preserve toys from the past. These services have set a standard metric that measures the mint state of toys and other collectibles. So, collectors no longer rely […]

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Guide to Grading Toys in 2023

Have you been considering grading your toys in 2023? For many collectors, services like the CGA (Collectible Grading Authority), the parent company of the AFA (Action Figure Authority), and the CAS (Collector’s Archive Services) have provided an essential service. Beyond helping to preserve the conditions of vintage toys, these companies have standardized the metrics for […]

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