PROMOTIONAL EXCLUSIVE AUTOCON SPOONS Gobots Tonka Bandai Machine Robo Action Fig

Figure Condition: So what is it? The MR-34 Spoons Gobot has at least one variant. In 2012 an estate put dozens of “Autocon” Spoons figures for sale. Most collectors don’t even know what they are or that they are not a hoax. An Autocon employee placed a special order for the MR-34 Spoons. Which came with a really cheesy box and even instructions. They came with the sticker at the top of the forks and are a slightly different color. The toys, though, never got distributed or were never fully distributed as intended. Rated a 92 near mint. It is not broken. My grading scale is 1 – 100 with mint flawless a 100, near mint a 95, excellent a 90, and so on. Comes as shown.

Sticker Condition: Rated a 90

Accessories: 100% Complete

Joint Condition: Tight