Devastator W/BOX 100% Complete 1986 Vintage G1 Transformers Action Figure

Sold For: $405.00

Sold Date: June 20, 2022

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Box Condition: Box has some wear. All flaps are intact. On one side the inside of the flap has a tear. On the top, both flaps have a tear in the corner. The plastic window is present. The pictures will show the box’s condition.

Condition: Rated 85 with light wear. Our grading scale is 1 – 100 with mint flawless items a 100, near mint items a 95, excellent items a 90, and so on. It comes as shown.

Sticker Condition: Some missing.

Accessory Condition: It is 100% complete.

Joint Condition: Tight.

Paperwork: None.