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In the late 1980s, one franchise rose to highlight the sources of corruption within society with the perfect blend of robot and machine: Robocop. Orion Pictures helped launch the series with the 1987 film directed by Peter Verhoeven. The movie starred Peter Weller as Alex Murphy, the man who would become Robocop. He was accompanied by Nancy Ellen as his partner, Anie Lewis. This movie also prominently featured Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker, the crime lord that terrorized the city with the backing of one of OCP’s executives, Dick Jones.

In an undefined future era, Detroit had become a dystopian city with a corporate entity, OCP, running all aspects of it. The company was specifically involved in funding and equipping the city’s police department. Thus, a project was opened to create the perfect crime-fighting machine. However, their first product, ED-209, proved to be unreliable.

This failure allowed the company to instead turn its focus on the Robocop project, which planned to create a cyborg. The perfect candidate for the process quickly surfaced after Alex Murphy perished in an attempt to take down Clarence Boddicker and his gang. Thus, the company replaced most of his damaged body parts, leaving mostly his heart, lungs, and head, with mechanical components.

When Robocop was unveiled, he had no memories of his former life. However, he eventually regained his memories and his humanity. He also brought Clarence and his gang to justice, learning of the corruption within OCP in the process. After outwitting an ED-209 sentry, Robocop unveiled Dick Jones as the financial backer of Clearance’s gang.

The success of the original movie allowed Orion to launch a franchise filled with sequels, cartoon series, television series, and much more. The first element of new Robocop merchandise came from AKOM Productions, who presented the cartoon series in 1988. This series toned down the violence to make the character palatable for younger audiences. Despite this change, it only lasted for a single 12-episode-long season.

Kenner produced a toy line to complement and help market the 1988 cartoon series. These action figures and vehicles came out in 1988, presenting characters from both the movies and the cartoon.

The basic action figures were called the Ultra Police. Each action figure came on a colorful blister card package. They each came with various accessories and weapons. Moreover, they came with caps that allowed players to feel like their weapons were actually firing off rounds. Kenner created ten action figures in the Ultra Police category: Ace Jackson, Birdman Barnes, Claw Callahan, Gatlin’ Blaster Robocop, Robocop, Robocop Nightfighter, Sergeant Reed, Torpedo Thompson, and Wheels Wilson.

Opposing Robocop and the Ultra Police were a series of Vandals. Kenner created six Vandals action figures. There was Chainsaw, Dr. McNamara, Headhunter, Nitro, Scorcher, and Toxic Waster. Moreover, there was a special mail-away Robocop action figure. Kenner also created a massive 13” Robocop action figure for the toy line.

Accompanying these action figures were several vehicles and a role-play toy. The vehicle selection included ED-260 Robot Figure, Robo-1, Robo-Command, Robo-Copter, Robo-Cycle, Robo-Jailer, and Skull Hog Cycle. Meanwhile, there was the Robo-Helmet and Ultra-Blaster role-play set. The final element of the toy line was a special pack of replacement caps for the Robocop action figures.

Marvel Comics also created several issues detailing the crime-fighter’s exploits during this era. They began with an adaptation of the first movie, which came out in 1987. Then, the publisher created a 23-issue long series featuring Robocop and his adventures. Marvel’s final contribution to the Robocop franchise was a 3-issue-long adaptation of Robocop 2 which came out in 1990.

Kenner 1988 Robocop Ed-260 Robot Figure

Murphy returned to theaters in 1990 with the sequel film, Robocop 2. Even though Robocop had exposed the corrupt Dick Jones in the prior film, there were still self-serving interests in the company. In this film, a group attempting to launch a Robocop 2 program struggled to find the right candidate. They eventually decided to use the brain of a drug lord, Cain, as the basis for their machine. While they thought that they could keep him in check by abusing his addiction, Cain rampaged, leading to the death of many citizens. Despite being outmatched in size and power, Robocop successfully terminated Cain.

The next time that Robocop returned to the silver screen was in 1993 with the third movie in the series. Robocop 3 kept OCP as a major player in Detroit’s development; however, the Japanese company, Kanemitsu Corporation, also entered the picture. The two companies set out to relocate residents of the city so that they could create a Delta City project for richer clientele. During the conflict, Robocop stood firm with the resisting citizens, fighting robotic ninjas called “Otomo”. The movie ended with the dismantlement of OCP after the citizens defeated their efforts.

In the years between the third movie and a new era, three series aired on television. First, there was the 22-episode-long live-action Robocop series that came out in 1994. Then, there was a 40-episode-long animated series, Robocop: Alpha Commando, that came out in 1998. Finally, there was the live-action 4-episode mini-series Robocop: Prime Directives that aired in 2001.

Moreover, Robocop found a new home at Dark Horse Comics from 1992 until 1994. This era brought over the cross-over Robocop versus The Terminator that even spawned a video game. Since then, Robocop has been picked up by Avatar Press from 2003 until 2006, Dynamite Entertainment from 2009 until 2013, and then Boom! Studios in 2013.

Decades after the original trilogy concluded, Robocop was given a new chance to entertain audiences in 2014 with a reboot. Like in the original, OmniCorp sought to create the latest revolution in law enforcement with a cybernetic police officer. This time, Alex Murphy became the candidate through a car bombing, with his wife signing off on the procedure. Moreover, the corporation actively suppressed Murphy’s emotions to make him more efficient.

Along with the reboot movie came a new line of toys from Jada Toys. In addition to creating toys based on the reboot, the company also created variants that paid tribute to the original.

There have also been many more toy companies that have tackled the Robocop IP in the 21st century. For instance, McFarlane Toys included Robocop within their Movie Maniacs toy line in 2004. Hot Toys has also created multiple 1:6 scale action figures based on the movies. NECA has created several Robocop toys including an ED-209 and a 7” 35th anniversary action figure. Then, there were Hiya Toys, who created a 1:18 scale ED-209, and Super 7, who included characters from the film in their Reaction toy line.

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