Inspector Gadget Action Figures Identification Tool with Pictures

Inspector Gadget Action Figures Identification Tool with Pictures
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DIC Entertainment introduced Inspector Gadget to children in 1983. The cartoon series focused on a cybernetically enhanced detective who rarely solves the crimes for which he gets credit. While he bumbled about, his niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain, usually successfully solved each case. Still, Inspector Gadget’s body is filled with tools and gadgets that help him fight evil. Thus, it was easy for everyone to believe he was a brilliant detective.

The DIC Inspector Gadget cartoon

DIC did not create a completely unique concept, for it combined qualities of prior characters, like the detective from Pink Panther. The series also took notes from other franchises, like James Bond, with the nature of its villains, M.A.D. These elements combined to form a cartoon series that lasted for two seasons and had a total of 86 episodes.

Because he seems to be a brilliant detective, he is a valued member of the Metro City Police and reports to Chief Quimbly. Inspector Gadget has also earned a reputation with the largest criminal organization, M.A.D. Since the series offered both meanings, this organization’s name either meant Malevolent Agency of Destruction or Mean And Dirty. They followed Dr. Claw’s orders, who was never seen without his cat.

The Galoob Inspector Gadget toy line

Alongside this new cartoon series was a small Inspector Gadget toy line from Galoob. Even though this toy line went into production as early as 1983, the toys remained on the shelves well into 1986. The line was filled with multiple PVC figurines of the show’s main characters. Fans could play with Penny, Brain, Dr. Claw’s Cat, and Chief Quimbly. These figurines also featured multiple variations of Inspector Gadget in various poses.

The standout part of Galoob’s Inspector Gadget toy line was a massive, fully articulated action figure. Standing around 10” tall, the action doll allowed players to reenact their favorite scenes. He came with various gimmicks and accessories, including a telescoping neck and pop-out hands and feet. He also included a helicopter hat, a real top coat, an extension arm with a parachute umbrella, and a crime-stopper hammer.

Galoob also produced two vehicles for the Inspector Gadget toy line. The first was an Inspector Gadget car that transformed from a car into a van. The second was a Dr. Claw Car that converted between a car and an aircraft. Bandai also released both of these vehicles in other regions.

Reruns and Tiger Electronics toy line

Years of reruns on syndicated television kept Inspector Gadget relevant throughout the 1980s. Even as the 90s came by, children still knew the name. Thus, a television special, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, was produced and released in 1992. Not long after this special, Tiger introduced their take on Inspector Gadget’s transforming car.

Tiger 1992 Inspector Gadget

Tiger’s Inspector Gadget Mobile toy came out in 1993, a decade after the series premiered. It proudly advertised itself as two vehicles in one, for it could change between a police car and a van. It also featured an automatic villain-grabbing set of claws.

Tiger also produced a small line-up of action figures that hit toy shelves in 1992. These action figures included multiple iterations of the title character. One had a telescoping neck, another had expanding legs, while yet another had a snap-open hat. There were also Go Go Gadgets with Expanding Arms and Water Squirting Action. There was even an Inspector Gadget that featured fumble gadgets which eventually made the toy fall apart. Otherwise, fans could play with Penny with Brain, M.A.D. Leader Dr. Claw with M.A.D. Cat, and M.A.D. Agent with a Bola Bazooka.

Inspector Gadget in the 1990s

The latter half of the 1990s was filled with Inspector Gadget spin-off series, like Gadget Boy & Heather, and animated films. By the end of the decade, a new era for the franchise had begun, for Walt Disney had decided to create a live-action adaptation of DIC’s hit cartoon series.

The first Inspector Gadget live-action film began showing in theaters in 1999. This film kept many facets of the cartoon series, with Matthew Broderick playing the title role and Rupert Everett taking up the role of Dr. Claw. Unlike the cartoon series, the Inspector’s actions were crucial to saving the day and thwarting a robotic double, “Robo-Gadget”. Accompanying this movie was a set of Mcdonald’s’ Happy Meal and Fisher-Price toys.

The modern era of Inspector Gadget shows and action figures

While this live-action movie only received a lukewarm reception, it spawned a sequel in 2003. Meanwhile, a new cartoon series spin-off, Gadget & the Gadgetinis began airing on television in 2002. After this cartoon series ended its run with 52 episodes, the character only received one final appearance until the modern era. In 2005, an animated film, Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever, was released.

After a decade, Inspector Gadget returned to television in 2015 with a new animated series. This cartoon series, which continued the tale from the original 80s series, was produced by DHX media. However, it did not feature any of the original voice actors. This cartoon series lasted for four seasons, ending in 2018 with 52 episodes.

Even though Inspector Gadget has been away from television and theaters for a few years, a new toy line was introduced in 2021. Blitzway and 5Pro Studio decided to target adult fans with detailed, articulated action figures. These 6-7” action figures feature most of the main cast, including Chief Quimbly.

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