1989 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog – Page 88 – G.I. Joe

Join us on a journey through the 1989 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog, which continued to celebrate the success of G.I. Joe and Transformers. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1989 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

Hasbro continued to feature the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toys on page 88 of the 1989 toy fair catalog. After Hasbro relaunched the brand in 1982, the G.I. Joe line became the shining example of a successful multi-media-backed brand. With the assistance of Marvel, Hasbro reimagined the line so that the Joes now combatted the evil forces of Cobra. In the following years, G.I. Joe brought in multiple fans thanks to the comics, cartoons, and fantastic toys.

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Here, Hasbro promoted #6033: Iron Grenadiers D.E.M.O.N. (Dual Elevating Multi-Ordinance Neutralizer). This Destro marauder was armed with side-mounted, TRI-C.A.A.A.A.P. (Triple Computer-Assisted Anti-Aircraft Anti-Personnel) missiles, and twin-mounted laser cannons. It also featured a docking pad for Destro’s Despoiler and a driver, FERRET.

Next, they promoted #6018: Cobra’s Bugg. Cobra’s swampland devastator was equipped with a removable two-man hovercraft submarine, two air-to-sea hover skis, twin front-mounted cannons, and more. It also came with a driver,  SECTO-VIPER.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1989 Toy Fair Catalog from Hasbro. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Hasbro provided to retailers and representatives.

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