1986 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog – Centurions

Join us on a journey through the 1986 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog, which offered a first look at Kenner’s latest toys. For instance, readers had the chance to view the Star Wars Droids and M.A.S.K. toys.

Kenner presented a brand new toy line in the 1986 Toy Fair Catalog, Centurions Power Xtreme. In the 21st Century on planet Earth, a top military program was stolen from the world master computer. This program held the secret to the successful fusing together man and machine.

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Here, Kenner promoted No. 17170, Depth Charger Assault Weapon System, which helped Max Ray keep the water safe. This was a high-powered torpedo-carrying mini-sub for deep-sea missions requiring the ultimate in counter hydro technology. So, it made Max virtually invincible and the ultimate fighting machine on the seas. Versatile toys within themselves, each Assault Weapon System and its accessories could also combine with each other for additional firepower and play versatility.

DEPTH CHARGER’S battle modes included “Diving”, “Full Fire Attack”, and “Deep Sea”. It came with 2 Pivoting Pontoon Thrusters, 2 Rotating Aqua Cannons, and 2 Mobile Directional Aquafins. Furthermore, it featured 2 Auxilliary Thrusters, a Hydromine, and 2 Deep SeaTorpedos.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1986 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Kenner provided to retailers and representatives.

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