1984 Mattel Toy Fair Catalog

1984 Mattel Toy Fair Catalog

Through the 1984 Mattel Toy Fair Catalog, Mattel encouraged trade representatives, such as dealers, retailers, and others, to invest in its latest products. Earlier that decade, the company had risen to the top of the toy industry. So, all eyes were on Mattel to see what they would produce throughout the 1980s.

With the phenomenal success of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Mattel seized the opportunity to showcase the newest action figures in the 1984 Toy Fair Catalog. These toys, embodying the power of the barbarian-inspired characters, were a testament to the rising popularity of sword and sorcery brands in the 1980s. The anticipation was palpable as the Filmation cartoon series had already captured viewers’ hearts, paving the way for Mattel to release a new wave of action figures, vehicles, playsets, and more for this toy line.

Mattel handed out these catalogs as it toured trade shows across the nation. As it aimed to inform vendors about Mattel’s products, these catalogs were unavailable to the public. So, the average toy collector has never been able to examine catalogs like this. With that in mind, we set out to share the exciting promotional toy images with our high-definition Toy Fair Catalog scans.

Wheeljack’s Lab proudly presents high-definition scans of the 1984 Mattel Toy Fair Catalog, featuring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

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About Our Mattel Catalog Scans

Mattel handed out catalogs to attendees of toy fairs and other events, such as dealers and retailers, to promote their upcoming slate of products. Each catalog contained information about the company’s newest toys, even ones still in development. Thus, companies often included first looks at action figures, playsets, vehicles, etc. Therefore, they have become valuable and rare collector’s items.

These Mattel Toy Fair Catalogs featured toys from their beloved lines. For instance, the company created the highly successful He-Man and the Masters of the Universe action figures. It also revolutionized the toy vehicle marketplace with the Hot Wheels toy line. Accompanying He-Man was the sister line, She-Ra: Princess of Power. Mattel even served Marvel fans with the Secret Wars action figures.

Mattel used in-production prototypes in their images as these catalogs were prepared before the lines were released. This meant that the featured toys often differed from the retail releases. Moreover, toys sometimes appeared only on these catalog pages, as they were canceled or never hit retail store shelves.

While Mattel only handed these booklets out to trade professionals, we have now made them available to all. You can explore the toys featured in these catalogs with our Mattel Toy Fair Catalog Scans. This is a rare treat since catalogs like these have become increasingly difficult to locate with each passing year.

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