1983 LJN Toy Fair Catalog – Page 27 – Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Begin your journey through the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog from LJN, where they never stop growing up. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1983 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

The 1983 LJN Toy Fair Catalog advertised multiple Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures, monsters, and playsets. After TSR Hobbies, Inc. introduced the role-playing game in 1974, players loved to delve into the fanciful world. Thus, LJN proudly presented the first toys that brought these characters to life. This line included a wide array of toys, from action figures to a gigantic dungeon playset.

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Here, they presented #1470, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Poseable Action “Mount” Assortment. These detailed mounts permitted the action figures to charge off into ferocious battle. So, they were the most sensational creatures ever to enter the world of fantasy adventure.

Each of these mounts possessed its own unique character traits. For instance, the evil Nightmare had flaming hoves while the good Bronze Dragon had flexible wings and searing teeth. Each of these articulated mounts also came with a highly detailed saddle. So, these mounts could be ridden by the poseable action figures.

This assortment contained the Good Bronze Dragon, Evil Nightmare, and Good Destier.

We are glad to present these exciting, exclusive 1983 LJN Toy Fair Catalog scans. Check out even more of our scans to see the exciting promotional images that LJN provided to retailers and other trade representatives.

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About Our LJN Toy Fair Catalog Scans

LJN handed out catalogs to attendees of toy fairs and other events to promote their upcoming slate of products. Each catalog was filled with information about their newest toys, even ones still in development. Thus, they often provided the first looks at action figures, playsets, vehicles, and more from their lines. Therefore, they have become valuable and rare collector’s items.

These LJN Toy Fair Catalogs featured toys from their beloved lines. For instance, the company introduced the world to the heroic ThunderCats. They also competed in the motorized 4×4 vehicle market with the Rough Riders. Otherwise, the company created the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy line.

LJN used in-production prototypes in their images, as these catalogs were prepared before the lines were released. This meant that the featured toys often differed from the retail releases. Moreover, toys sometimes appeared only on these catalog pages, as they were canceled or never hit retail store shelves.

While LJN only handed these booklets out to trade professionals, we have now made them available to all. You can explore the toys featured in these catalogs with our LJN Toy Fair Catalog Scans. This is a rare treat since catalogs like these have become increasingly difficult to locate with each passing year.

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