1983 IDEAL Toy Fair Catalog

1983 IDEAL Toy Fair Catalog

IDEAL advertised its newest line-up of action figures and other toys to dealers, retailers, and vendors in its 1983 Toy Fair Catalog. While IDEAL was not the largest toy company during the era, it created many memorable and exciting toys. Moreover, the company had experienced massive success only two years previously with the Rubix Cube. Thus, they were prepared to create even more quality action figures and other toys in 1983.

While IDEAL’s Toy Fair Catalog had dozens of pages filled with exciting toys, only a few pages highlighted their newest action figures. One of the brands they highlighted was the Manglors, a unique brand that encouraged players to mangle their toys. IDEAL designed toys could be stretched and torn apart using a unique malleable plastic. The idea was that the material would allow these toys to return to their original shape. Otherwise, players were supposed to be able to reattach any limbs they tore off.

Otherwise, IDEAL created a wide range of toys that brought the fun of the Wild West to the toy aisle. Several Legends of the Old West action figures appeared in this catalog. This line mainly included characters from the Zorro television series. So, players could look forward to creating new adventures with the masked vigilante.

Following the Wild West theme, IDEAL had multiple Lone Ranger toys in the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog. This toy line featured both the titular character and his sidekick, Tonto. Furthermore, there was a selection of horses for the characters to ride.

Wheeljack’s Lab proudly presents high-definition scans of the 1983 IDEAL Toy Fair Catalog featuring Manglors and more.

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About Our IDEAL Toy Fair Catalog Scans

IDEAL handed out catalogs to attendees of toy fairs and other events, such as dealers and retailers, to promote their upcoming slate of products. Each catalog contained information about the company’s newest toys, even ones still in development. Thus, companies often included first looks at action figures, playsets, vehicles, and more. Therefore, they have become valuable and rare collector’s items.

These IDEAL Toy Fair Catalogs featured toys from their beloved lines. For instance, the company created the Manglors, creatures built to be stretched and mangled. IDEAL also produced the Robo Force toy line in the 1980s, which featured Maxx Steele. There were also the Living Legends of the Old West, a line featuring characters like The Lone Ranger.

IDEAL used in-production prototypes in their images as these catalogs were prepared before the lines were released. This meant that the featured toys often differed from the retail releases. Moreover, toys sometimes appeared only in these catalog pages, as they were canceled or never hit retail store shelves.

While IDEAL only handed these booklets out to trade professionals, we have now made them available to all. You can explore the toys featured in these catalogs with our IDEAL Toy Fair Catalog Scans. This is a rare treat since catalogs like these have become increasingly difficult to locate with each passing year.

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