The Top Ten Robotech Toys and Action Figures

The Top Ten Robotech Toys and Action Figures

Robotech is an action, adventure, science fiction media franchise that started as an 85 episode-long animated series. Harmony Gold in the United States collaborated with Tatsunoko Production in Japan to localize and combine three different anime series. Since audiences widely accepted the Robotech series, it began to spawn other media such as books, comic books, films, games, and toys.

The franchise focuses on the fictional war between Earth and various races of extraterrestrials. These extraterrestrials have come to invade the Earth while looking for an extremely powerful energy source named Protoculture. The Protoculture is an exceptional energy source that had helped the people of Earth develop robotic technologies. Then, this technology aided in their fight for survival against the Aliens.

Matchbox became the first toy company to produce the Robotech toy line in 1985, and Harmony Gold made a reissue in 1992. The toy line consists of action figures of varying sizes, action dolls, and action vehicles. Playmates toys later joined in on the Robotech toy line by releasing some vehicles to complement those from Matchbox and Harmony Gold.

Presenting the top ten Robotech Toys

10. Matchbox’s Robotech Master (1986)

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Robotech Master

Matchbox released the Robotech Master as part of the 3¾-inch action figures in 1986. The Robotech Masters was one of the main villains in the Robotech series. Likewise, the Robotech Master held the same role in the toy line.

Produced without any accessories, the fully articulated figure is the least fascinating action figure in the entire toy line. However, it is in the top ten because of its role in the toy series. After all, without a villain, a toy collection is not complete.

Robotech Masters are from the time of the original Zor, the Tirolians who found and started using the Protoculture to conquer worlds. They have come to Earth to retrieve the battle fortress that Zor took and the Protoculture in it. The Robotech Masters brought the Zentraedi to Earth, and they arrogantly believe Life is just a game, considering themselves as the game masters.

9. Matchbox’s Bioroid Terminator (1986)

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Bioroid Terminator

Matchbox released the Bioroid Terminator as one of the 3¾-inch action figures from the Robotech toy line in 1986. The Bioroid Terminator action figure features full articulation with an excellent paint job. The action figure comes with a black riffle, depicting the Bioroid Terminator favored weapon.

The Bioroid Terminator serves the Robotech Masters in multiple roles. Initially, they serve as the bodyguard for the Robotech Elders, who were contemporaries of the original Zor. The Bioroid Terminator also serves as the policing unit that keeps the population of Clones in the society to a minimum.

8. Matchbox’s Rand (1986)

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Rand

Matchbox released the Rand action figure as one of the many 3¾-inch action figures from the Robotech toy line in 1986. The Rand action figure is a replica of the character in the series except for the colored neck. The action figure comes with a black handgun, Rand’s favored weapon.

In the Robotech series, Rand is a young, valiant freedom fighter whose relentless actions helped destroy the stronghold of Earth’s oppressors. Rand had successfully evaded capture by Invids and had trained himself to live off the land and survived. After meeting and befriending Scott Bernard, another lone survivor, they started fighting back. They fought for the freedom of the people of Earth. Eventually, their struggle paid off when they destroyed the Invid stronghold.

7. Matchbox’s Armored Cyclone with Scott Bernard – 1986

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Armored Cyclone with Scott Bernard

Matchbox released the Armored Cyclone vehicle as one of the many action vehicles from the Robotech toy line in 1986. They designed this action vehicle to be as close to the real Armored Cyclone as possible, with air-filled and rollable tires as well as a fully functional kickstand. Moreover, Matchbox designed the Armored Cyclone uniquely for Scott Bernard.

This pack holds the Scott Bernard action figure. Although there are variations that do not have Scott Bernard, he was easily obtainable separately to go along with your Armored Cyclone.

The Scott Bernard action figure is fully articulated. It is also a replica of Scott Bernard as portrayed in the series. There, he was one of the Robotech Defenders born in space. He is also a pilot in one of the interstellar troops deployed to repel the Invid forces. He is one of the lucky few survivors after most of his friends died in the battle.

The Scott Bernard action figure comes with a removable helmet and a black gun with some Armored Cyclone armor such as chest plates and thigh plates.

6. Matchbox’s Miriya (1986)

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Miriya

Matchbox released the Miriya action figure as one of the six 6-inch action figures from the Robotech toy line in 1986. The Miriya action figure features full articulation with an incredible paint job. However, the action figure’s head looks nothing like that of Miriya from the series. Her uniform or suit is also quite different.

Miriya was a strong character in the animated series. She also played a vital role in the series. Initially, she was the lead pilot of one of the enemy aircraft, the Zendraedi Flotilla. Then, she led an attack on the Space Dimension Fortress -1 (SDF-1) which resulted in the death of Roy Fokker.

Unable to actualize her plan of killing Max Sterling from the outside, Miriya decides to infiltrate the Fortress by shrinking herself down. With the success of her plan, she successfully infiltrated the SDF-1. On setting her eyes on Max Sterling, she realized she was in love with him and could not harm him in any way. She forsook her evil plots then married Max Sterling.

5. Matchbox’s Dana Sterling (1986)

Matchbox’s Dana Sterling (1986)

Matchbox released the Dana Sterling action figure one of the four 12-inch action figures in their Robotech toy line in 1986. The 12-inch doll comes with a party dress, a pair of shoes, a purse, a brush, and a comb. A flight uniform sold separately within the Robotech toy line. This uniform is custom made for this Dana figure and makes it possible to switch her clothes.

In the Robotech series, Dana Sterling is the product of the unholy matrimony between ae Zentraedi, Miriya Sterling, and a Human, Max Sterling. Dana Sterling grew up to become a brilliant and exceptional young lady and was incredibly instrumental in the affairs that concern the Robotech Masters. She also had a psychic connection with Zor Prime.

4. Matchbox’s SDF-1 Playset (1986)

Matchbox’s SDF-1 Playset (1986)

Matchbox released the Super Dimension Fortress-1 as the only playset in the Robotech toy line in 1986. The playset is a sophisticated toy unassembled in the pack. Luckily, it comes with incredibly detailed instructions about how to build the playset. The playset consists of a fully functional lift, rotating radar command chair in the command room. The SDF-1 features four platforms that can house many action figures, with one area containing four large cannon guns that can turn in all directions.

The playset is a three-story construction, with the topmost floor being the command room. Another floor serves as the storage facility. The building also has a staircase that links the first floor and the second floor together. The last floor is the hangar area which has a launchpad.

The Super Dimension Fortress-1 comes with many accessories. These accessories include three yellow-colored vehicles, a diagnostic station, two missiles. There is also a refueling unit consisting of a hook and crane. The playset also has a hook and crane for one Zentraedi prison, amongst other things.

3. Matchbox’s Armored Zentraedi Warrior (1986)

Matchbox’s Armored Zentraedi Warrior (1986)

Matchbox released the Armored Zentraedi Warrior action figure as one of the six 6-inch action figures from the Robotech toy line in 1986. The Armored Zentraedi Warrior is a beautiful figure with partial articulation and an excellent paint job. The action figure comes with a removable helmet that has a visor that creates the faceplates. The only limitation in this action figure is the absence of the Zentraedi warrior’s weapon.

The Robotech Masters genetically engineer Zentraedi Warriors to fight against humans and cease the control of the Super Dimension Fortress. They lack feelings and emotions. Instead, they are just war machines designed for the destruction of humans.

2. Matchbox’s Zor Prime (1986)

Matchbox 1986 Robotech Zor Prime

Matchbox released the Zor Prime action figure as part of the 3¾-inch action figures from their Robotech toy line in 1986. The Zor Prime action figure features full articulation with an awesome paint job. It also comes packed with a black gun.

Zor Prime is a clone of the original Zor. The Robotech Masters engineered him from the DNA of the original Zor. They hoped to learn the secrets of the Protoculture that the original Zor died with. The Robotech Masters’ plan failed horribly as Zor Prime came out with intense hate towards them. So, he only sought to destroy them. Zor Prime also shared a psychic connection with Dana Sterling.

1. Matchbox’s Lisa Hayes (1986)

Matchbox’s Lisa Hayes (1986)

Matchbox released the Lisa Hayes action figure as one of the four 12-inch action dolls from the Robotech toy line in 1986. The Lisa Hayes action figure comes with Lisa’s dress uniform, a jacket, a pair of green-colored shoes, a duty roaster, a headset, a comb, and a brush.

Lisa Hayes is the upright first officer on the Super Dimension Fortress. Having lost her fiancé in the first Robotech war, Lisa dedicates her time and effort to stop the Zentraedi warriors from taking over the SDF-1. During most of the Robotech series, Lisa Hayes usually wears her uniform, replicated in the action figure.

Did your favorite Robotech figures make it onto our list?

While Matchbox’s initial wave of Robotech figures quickly flopped, fans still love the series and its toys. So, did your favorite Robotech action figures make it to our list? Let us know what your favorite Robotech toys were.

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