Vintage Toy Fair Retailer Catalogs Scans

Vintage Toy Fair Retailer Catalogs Scans

For decades, toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel have created toy fair catalogs that they handed out to retailer representatives at multiple events. Each of these catalogs listed their newest line-up of toys that they were ready to send to stores that year. So, these retailers received the exclusive first look at these new products from these exclusive catalogs.

Since these catalogs only appeared at catalogs, collectors love to get their hands on them. These unique books give a small peek into the marketing strategies of these companies. Additionally, these promotional items often offered the first looks at a new toy line. So, each of these exclusive toy fair catalogs is an important part of history.

However, since toy fairs are trade professionals only, where no consumer could attend, few of each catalog were ever printed. These valuable rare pieces have become even rarer over the years as few survived to the current day. Whether thrown away or damaged beyond recovery, many toy fair catalogs never make it to the collector’s market.

Luckily, we have received multiple trade show catalogs over our decades of buying and selling toys. Since we are collectors like you, we understand the value of these catalogs and want to share them with you. So, we have scanned the pages from these catalogs so that you too can enjoy the exclusive looks at these toy lines. Our scans include retailer toy fair catalogs from Hasbro, Kenner, Tyco, and many more.






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