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To show fear is to admit defeat.

The malevolent master of mayhem. Crushes everything in his path with his studded, iron-steel wheels. The front runner for the Decepticon army and locomotive of destruction. Armed with corrosive rust bombs that eat away enemy armor. Also equipped with high-intensity heat generators in exterior that provide thermal force field. Infra-red tracking and navigation systems and large scale fuel capacity idel for remote controlled reconnaissance missions. Also armed with two proton shatter-cannons and hydraulic battle ram equipped with acetylene cutters. Outer shell transforms to subsonic windcruiser armed with two plasma blasters.


  • Roadblock Figure
  • Roadblock Inner Robot


  • Roadblock Tank
  • 2x Lasers
  • Dual Blaster
  • Roadblock Tank Blade
  • Roadblock Figure Visor