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Quake with Tiptop & Heater

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Nothing lasts forever… so why not destroy it now?

A destructive berzerker. Attacks everyone and everything with a vengeance. Doesn’t stop shooting until everything is in ruins. Capable of leveling an entire Autobot installation in minutes. Titanium based treads are equipped with special adhesive that enables Quake to climb sheer cliff surfaces. Known for his somewhat “off the wall” battle tactics. Teamed with Tiptop, a former circus strongman who transforms into a balance-altering, gyroscopic destabilizing weapon, and Heater, a smart-aleck street punk who transforms into a double photon pistol. Equipped with plasma cannon in tank Mode.


  • Quake Figure


  • Tiptop Partner
  • Heater Partner
  • Tank Turret

Quake with Tiptop & Heater G1 Transformers Video Review