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Optimus Prime with Hi-Q

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Freedom is the right of all sentinent beings.

The beloved leader of all Autobots. Dedicated to protecting all life forms — mechanical, human, and otherwise. Willing to sacrifice anything in order to end the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Wise and compassionate… the inspiration that fuels every Autobot. Binary bonded to the super intelligent Nebulan computer programmer, HiQ. In engine mode, HiQ handles all of Prime’s power needs. Trailer transforms into armed fortress, complete with laser rifle, concussion blaster, and 2 twin particle beam cannons. Tractor and trailer combined construct Optimus Prime’s new super-powered robot form.


  • Optimus Prime Figure Cab


  • Trailer
  • HiQ Partner
  • Super Robot Head
  • 2x Laser Rifle
  • 2x Particle Beam Cannon

Optimus Prime with Hi-Q G1 Transformers Video Review