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Omega Supreme

Packaging Instructions Stickers

Unyielding resolve has no conqueror.

The ultimate defensive force. Great strength, even greater courage. Serious, even grim… last line of Autobot defense. Protects the Ark and all else vital to his cause. As robot, can shatter a mountainside, lift 300,000 tons with clawed arm, destroy 12′ steel cube with plasma blaster arm… has head-mounted laser cannon. Can transform to laser cannon tank and launching pad with rocket. Rocket can achieve planetary orbit.


  • Omega Supreme Figure


  • Backpack
  • Rocket With Claw
  • Rocket
  • 2x Feet
  • 2x Small Shield
  • 2x Medium Shield
  • 2x Large Shield
  • 2x Track Piece I
  • Track Piece J
  • Track Piece K
  • Track Piece L
  • Track Piece M
  • Armor Half A
  • Armor Half B
  • Armor Half C
  • Armor Half D
  • Ankle E
  • Ankle F
  • Ankle G
  • Ankle H