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Military Patrol

Packaging Instructions Stickers

*”If it moves, crush it!”
“The ultimate force is the force of destruction.”*

The bullies of the battlefield. Learned to fight while terrifying the steel streets of cybertron. As unmerciful and cold as solid ice. Feared by their Autobot enemies for their fierce and unrelenting attacks. Often circle their target, blasting it again and again until nothing but ashes remain. Each firmly convinced he should be the leader of the patrol. Often take potshots at one another out of spite. Constant bickering and refusal to work together make it impossible for them to complete a mission.

*Note: The bio above is for the entire Micromaster Military Patrol.*


  • Bombshock Figure
  • Tracer Figure
  • Dropshot Figure
  • Growl Figure


  • Tracer Rotor Blades
  • Bombshock Turret
  • Dropshot Turret
  • Growl Gun