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Vigilance is the foundation on which victories are built.

Startlingly versatile, staggeringly strong, the Autobot’s last line of defense… a mighty insturment of titanic destructive force. Extremely modest about his achievements… berates himself for not doing more. In robot mode, he can lift 70,000 tons, has shoulder-mounted twin high-energy maser cannons and omni-directional receiving and transmitting antenna. In city mode, has helipad and fully equipped repair bays that can handle four vehicles at once. Left rear tower transforms into tank, Slammer, who has rocket-propelled mortar cannon. Scamper is sports car with side mounted electro-blasters; transforms into robot, uses high-energy particle beam pistol. Six-Gun is small robot, has ion-pulse rifles for arms, twin surface-to-air guided missile launchers on back, acetylene pistol. In battle station mode, uses all these weapons and twin disrupter rays, laser lances, powerful anti-matter projectors.


  • Metroplex Figure


  • Scamper
  • Six-Gun Chest
  • Six-Gun Torso
  • Six-Gun Left Arm
  • Six-Gun Right Arm
  • Six-Gun Left Leg
  • Six-Gun Right Leg
  • Six-Gun Red Back Guns
  • Six-Gun Laser Pistol
  • Slammer Tank
  • Scamper Right Arm
  • Scamper Left Arm
  • Shoulder Antenna
  • Rear Tower
  • 2x Knee Caps
  • Right Fist
  • Left Fist
  • Scamper Laser Pistol
  • 3x Missiles
  • Slammer Tank Peg
  • Slammer Tank Turret