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Leave no Autobot uncrushed.

A clanking, crushing terror that destroys all in his path — the ulimate Decepticon weapon if he wasn’t so confused by the opposing thoughts of the 5 Stunticons who comprise him. (Motormaster is loathed by the other four.) Tremendous strength, his punch has the force of 140 tons. Impervious to most artillery. Uses Motormaster’s cyclone gun and carries an ionizer sword with a 50,000 volt charge.


  • Menasor Figure
  • Dead End Figure
  • Drag Strip Figure
  • Breakdown Figure
  • Wildrider Figure


  • Plasma-Energy Blaster
  • Connector
  • Compressor-Air Gun
  • Plasma-Energy Blaster
  • Connector
  • Concussion Rifle
  • Plasma-Energy Blaster
  • Connector
  • Gravito Gun
  • Cyclone Gun
  • Ionizer Sword
  • Blast Deflector
  • Roller Car
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot
  • Right Fist
  • Left Fist
  • Menasor "Robot" Head
  • Plasma-Energy Blaster
  • Scattershot Gun
  • Connector