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Doubledealer with Knok & Skar

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The price of victory is never too high.

A ruthless, battle-ready robot for rent. A traitorous backstabber. Only loyal to the highest bidder. Valued by all, trusted by none. When binary-bonded to Knok, Doubledealer disguises himself as an Autobot robot. When binary-bonded to the bat creature, Skar, Doubledealer transforms into a Decepticon falcon. Armed with intercontinental ballistic missile that can travel 3,000 miles in 30 minutes. Equipped with enough explosives to flatten a mountain range. Uses solid light blaster in robot Mode.


  • Doubledealer Figure


  • Knok Partner
  • Skar Partner
  • Engine Holder / Chest Plate
  • Missile Top
  • Missile Bottom