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Packaging Instructions Stickers

As long as one innocent being is threatened, none are truly free.

Views humans as if they were his own children — will expend his last drop of fuel to protect them. Seeks human friendship, but humans fear his hulking, mechanical form. Can lift 300,000 pounds with one hand. Impervious to most artillery, can surround himself with force field for brief periods. Carries fireball cannon… shoots 2000 degree bursts of blue fire 1.5 miles.


  • Defensor Figure
  • Blades Figure
  • Groove Figure
  • Streetwise Figure
  • Hot Spot Figure
  • First Aid Figure


  • Dual Barreled Decrystalizer
  • Connector
  • Photon Pistol
  • Photon Pistol
  • Left Twin Launcher
  • Right Twin Launcher
  • Double-Mounted Air-Compressor Cannon
  • Connector
  • Photon Pistol
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot
  • Left Blast Shield
  • Right Blast Shield
  • Left Fist
  • Right Fist
  • Hip Shield
  • 2x Repair Bay Arms
  • 2x Fireball Cannons
  • Left Twin Vaporator
  • Right Twin Vaporator
  • Photon Pistol