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Bruticus transforms into the five Combaticons. Can destroy his enemies with ultrasonic waves and smash metal bridges with a single chop of his hand. Cold blooded, likes nothing more than destroying Autobots. Once he starts running wild he is unstoppable. Has small brain circuits, making him simple-minded. Carries a sonic stun gun and a missile cannon.

*Note: Bruticus never had an English-language tech spec, the above is his translated Japanese tech spec.*


  • Bruticus Figure
  • Brawl Figure
  • Blast Off Figure
  • Swindle Figure
  • Vortex Figure


  • Sonic Stun Gun
  • Double Barrel Missile Launcher
  • Ramp
  • Chest Shield
  • Chest Shield
  • Right Foot
  • Left Foot
  • Right Fist
  • Left Fist
  • "Bruticus" Robot Head
  • Left Side-Mounted Cannons
  • Right Side-Mounted Cannons
  • Semi-Automatic Glue Gun
  • Copter Blades
  • Gyro-Gun
  • Scatter Blaster
  • Electro Gun
  • Twin Sonic Cannon
  • Ionic Blaster
  • Left Dual Sonic Cannon
  • Right Dual Sonic Cannon