Buying and Selling Transformers Toys Collections

Selling Transformers Toy Collections Made Simple

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Looking for a place to sell your vintage Transformers toys? Or are there some old 80s Transformers you’ve been looking for to complete your collection? You have come to the right place! At Wheeljack’s Lab we have been reuniting adults with their Transformers collectibles since 1999, trying to keep it fun!

What are We Looking For?

While we do buy all sorts of old toy collections, Transformers actions figures are our specialty. Whether it’s childhood action figures that you don’t just want to give away or old warehouse and store dead stock, selling your old school Transformers is very simple and helps us complete our mission. We are a Transformers toy collection buyer and will purchase nearly anything from loose or sealed action figures to non-toy collectibles and even replacement parts.

Not sure if your Transformers toy collection holds any value? We can help with that too. Whether it’s an original Mircroman, Micro Change or Diaclone Transformer from Takara or one of the more popular versions from Hasbro, we know our toys and can help even the most hesitant seller. Maybe you’re holding an old school G1 Transformer that is worth more than you thought. Or a rare Autobot that no one has seen for years.

Optimus Prime

Metal Hawk




Fortress Maximus




Dimension Gobots



Megatron Walther P-38 MC-13 Gun Robo






Hot Spot

Road Rage






Blaster Radi-Cassette Robo MC-21

No toy collector knows the value of your Transformers collection better than we do. So, if you’re ready to part with those nostalgic little pieces of your childhood then send us an email today. The process takes a week or less and is done simply, with no travel involved. We’re flexible and willing to work with almost all sellers and situations. Follow our simple steps below to get started. 

Steps for Transformers Buying and Selling

With nearly 20 years of experience, Wheeljack’s Lab has had the privilege of reuniting Transformers and other vintage toys with over 100,000 customers in more than 70 countries. Our process is easy and starts with you simply letting us know what you have. While we prefer pictures, a list of your collectibles is also acceptable, and we are willing to be flexible based on your needs. 

Ask your questions, give us the details, and we’ll help with the rest. We are also willing to provide prior references of customers who have had great success buying and/or selling their toys with us. Email us today at

Selling Transformers Toy Kickback Collectable Action Figure

Selling Transformers Toys

Let us know what you have. We try to be flexible, but the better the information provided the more accurate our quote. If you can’t take pictures a list will do as a good starting point as well.  Additionally, we also buy collections without a list or pictures, ask for details and prior references can be provided. Again we like to be flexible based on your needs.

Ideally though you would send group photos of your items. If you have a lot of pictures, setting up an account to store them is advisable rather than emailing them as all email accounts have incoming file size limits. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur are a few places you can create free accounts for temporary image storage.  For more information or to provide your collection details, email us:

Wheeljack’s Lab has been selling toys since 1999. With well over 100,000 customers reunited with their old pals in over 70 countries. Over 160,000 feedback on ebay and a 99.8% positive rating.