Transformers Identification Guide and Price List for Generation 1 (G1) Action Figure Toys

Use this page to identify Transformers action figure toys.  If you have a mess of them, and your end goal is to sell.  Send us a message and we’ll give you a quote.

Introduction to the 2019 Transformers Price List & Guide

Read this page before first use!  What are my Transformers worth?  The only 1 page 1 click vintage Transformers price list available in 2019.  This Transformers toy price guide shows you the current Transformers prices, based on my sales data since 1999.  You can see Transformers values for every individual original Transformers action figure released by Hasbro from 1984-1990.  If you’re here looking to sell Transformers figures or a transformers collection before going thru this hassle send me a message and I’ll make you an offer or see my buying page by clicking here.

The 4 Transformers Price Guide Categories

Mint in Sealed Package (MISP).  Pricing for these Transformers are based on an average condition 75.  Why a 75?  Because that is the average grade I receive for sealed figures.  These Transformers action figure packages are absolutely sealed as when they were new.

Mint in Box (MIB).  Pricing for these Transformers are based on a condition 70.  These Transformers action figures will be complete with everything that came in the box.

Loose Action Figure Complete (LAFC) with all accessories but no box.  Pricing for these Transformers action figures are based on a condition 80. Which is pretty typical of what I receive for loose complete figures.  They will have all the weapons and accessories.

Loose Incomplete Action Figure (LIAF) being just the action figure. Pricing for these Transformers are based on action figures in a condition 75.  For incomplete toys without weapons or accessories.

Where Did I Come Up With Each Original G1 Transformers Toy Price?

Transformers values are based on the condition listed which is very important, worse condition figures hold less value, better condition ones more.  This Transformers toy price guide is updated frequently.  Listing all the various conditions would be an impossible task to maintain, which is why I went with what I typically see. If yours are better then they are worth more.

Why Am I Qualified To Appraise Old Transformers Toy Values?

I have been selling Transformers Toys since 1999.  I have been the sole person at Wheeljack’s Lab that bids collections, and grades each toy since 1999.   I’m very confident that no other person has held more transformers in their hands than me, except people on the assembly line in the 1980’s.  In some cases, I have had nearly 4,000 of a single vintage figure. At the time of this writing I have sold (22) Optimus Primes figures in various condition over the prior 90 days, which is about 1 every 4 days. I would suggest that’s a good long term average over 20 years.

Every loose incomplete G1figure on the price list I have had and sold multiple times in the last year. As an example.  I’ve sold (6) incomplete Galvatron’s in the last 90 days.  The same is true of the complete figures, having sold (8) 100% complete Blitzwing’s in the prior 90 days.  The boxed items can be a bit spotty.  At the time of this writing, I have over 500 vintage boxed and carded G1 Transformers figures. For fun and to give people an idea just how many figures I get, I thought I’d show you my loose Astrotrain’s and no that’s not part of my collection! Talk about an army! Vintage Transformers Toy Prices Conclusion No price list is perfect, but it’s the best up-to-date one page Transformers price guide you will find.  In the coming months I will add photos for of the Transformers so Transformer identification is possible as well for those of you who are looking for that ability in addition to the original Transformers toys prices. Thank you for stopping by!

If you’re here looking to sell Transformers figures or a transformers collection send me a message or click here.

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