Appraising and Appraisers of Transformers Toys, Collections and Action Figures

Turn Your Transformers Toy Collection Into Cash With Wheeljack’s Lab Appraisers!

  • Do you have a complete or incomplete collection of Transformer toys or memorabilia you’re looking to get appraised?
  • Maybe you work at an auction house or a charity service and want to sell Transformers toys that have made their way into your warehouse or donation site.
  • Or maybe you’ve recently lost a loved one and have found yourself with a toy collection whose value you just don’t know how to determine.

We are here to help!

Buying and appraising Transformers toys is our bread and butter and we make the process as simple as possible for you to find out your Transformers toys’ value and turn your collection into real cash.

With over 20 years of professional Transformers toys experience and 30 years buying toys, we make selling your Transformers toy collection easy for anyone with a collection or set they suspect may be valuable.

It’s very straightforward to sell your Transformers collection and the whole process from appraisal to payout takes only about a week.

Step one: show us what you have for appraisal

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be. The best and easiest way to help us identify each piece of your collection and evaluate the value of your collection is to take some group shots. Even if you’re not able to take and send photo(s), sending us a list is a great way to start out if you have one.

Step two: the appraisal

We’ll send you a pre-inspection appraisal as to what we estimate the value of your Transformers toys collection to be. We pride ourselves on the fairness and accuracy of our appraisals that we provide and we can usually get your appraisal back to you the same day we receive your list and/or photo’s. We’ll provide an appraisal as accurately as we can based on the information that you provide in step one that we believe reflects the real value of your Transformers toy collection.

Step three: appraisal acceptance, packing and shipping

Here’s where the fun begins. If you accept our appraisal, then we will send you a 50% deposit of the estimated value. From there, you’ll have three days to ship your collection to us (don’t worry, we’ll send you detailed instructions when you accept your appraisal). We also accept drop-offs and every now and then we’ll actually travel to pick up a collection if possible.

Step four: confirmation and payment

Once you’ve shipped your collection to us, you’re on your way to a completed transaction. We will let you know the moment we receive your shipment. Then within two days of receipt, we’ll review your collection and pay the remainder of the appraisal — plus the cost of shipping. You’ll have successfully sold your Transformers toy collection in less than a week.

If our step-by-step process doesn’t work perfectly for you, we can be flexible and we will work with you to find a solution acceptable for everyone involved.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our appraisals, our expertise in the field and our ability to deliver prompt, timely service to the people who come to us with their toy collections for appraisal. And we make it a point to be a trustworthy company to work with.

Check out our 5 star ratings and reviews on Google , our A+ rating with the BBB, and our professional bio detailing how we do what we do and why we do it to see for yourself what we bring to the table.

What are you waiting for?

With a simple process, a trustworthy company and less than a week to turn your Transformers toys into hard cash, there’s really nothing holding you back from contacting us to get started on your appraisal.

Are you looking for a professional Transformers collection appraiser? Need to appraise Transformers action figures but don’t know where to start? Have something no one has seen and are looking for a Transformers broker or consignment? Maybe you already know the estimated price but want a Transformers expert opinion?

Don’t let your Transformer toys collection continue to just sit there collecting dust. Get in touch with us today to begin your Transformers toys appraisals process and find out what your collection is really worth.

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