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Vintage G1 Transformers, Gobots, Gi-Joes, Mask and Voltron

A nice collection of vintage G1 Transformers, Gobots, Gi-Joes, Mask and Voltron action figures on display in the room he spends the most time in. He enjoys every day, if only we were all so lucky!

Vintage Mint Loose G1 Transformers Collection

A collection of vintage G1’s all in near mint condition.  Enjoy.

Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy Collection

This is my collection of the Prime Wars Trilogy. It is almost 100% complete. There is a mixture of Combiner Wars, Titans Return, Power of the Primes, Unite Warriors, Botcon 2016, and subscription service Transformers.  There are 295 pictured!

My Pride & Joy

Sharing a peace of heaven!

My G1 Transformers Collection

Sharing my G1 Transformers Collection.

Wheeljack’s Lab 1984-1990 G1 Transformers Collection

Wheeljack’s Lab provided this collection in the summer of 2018. The buyer had approximately 10 beforehand, with a couple reissues including Predaking. The buyer requirements were c8-c9, stickers could have more variance.

My G1 Transformers Collection

Check out my collection.

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