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After the success of ThunderCats, Rankin/Bass set out to create even more exciting cartoons like the SilverHawks. Along with the TigerSharks, the SilverHawks attempted to take the formula that the ThunderCats set to once again create a hit. However, they knew that they could not completely copy the prior series. So, they introduced a new team of heroes that tackled evil in space, rather than on a single planet. This new show debuted in 1986 with a full season filled with 65 episodes.

Unlike the ThunderCats, the SilverHawks were a group of humanoids with metal bodies. Each of them could also glide thanks to wings that formed between their arms and torsos. Leading the team was Commander Stargazer, who was an experienced law enforcer. The field leader of the team was Quicksilver, who had previously been the head of Interplanetary Force H. Silverhawk’s second-in-command was Bluegrass, who also served as the chief pilot for the group. Then, there were Steelheart, Steelwill, and The Copper Kid.

This new team protected the Galaxy of Limbo against the evil machinations of Mon*Star. This intergalactic mob boss had a whole roster of minions ready to follow his orders. As expected from a mob boss, Mon*Star had a man who was actually named Yes-Man at his side. His other underlings included characters like Hardware, Melodia, Windhammer, and many more.

Kenner Silverhawks Condor with Jet Stream

Beyond the cartoon series, Rankin/Bass enlisted Marvel Comics to create a series under the Star Comics label. This series lasted for 7 issues before it was discontinued in 1977. Steve Perry wrote the story for this series. Meanwhile, Mike Witherby and Jim Sanders III worked on the art.

Unlike Rankin/Bass’s highly popular ThunderCats series, they did not partner with LJN to create the toys once more. Instead, they turned to the company that made their name on the highly successful Star Wars toys: Kenner. No longer a part of General Mills, Kenner was ready to pick up new toy lines and keep the profits coming in. Kenner decided that their proven scale of 4-5” would work perfectly for this line.

So, in 1987, the SilverHawks made their debut on toy shelves across the nation. The first wave of toys included action figures of Bluegrass, Copper Kidd, Quicksilver, Stargazer, Steelwill, Steelheart, and more. Each of these action figures came with a companion. For instance, Quicksilver came with Tally-Hawk and Stargazer came with Sly-Bird. This wave also included multiple villains like Mon*Star with Sky Shadow, Mumbo-Jumbo with Airshock, and more. They also produced multiple vehicles.

Kenner’s toy line successfully made it to a second wave which included characters like Condor and Windhammer. However, not every toy that they planned hit the market. While Kenner planned to create a Copper Kidd with Ultrasonic Suit and Mon*Star with Ultrasonic Suit, neither made it past the prototype stage. Unfortunately, they never had the chance to appear in a future wave as well, since the line ended in 1988.

In most international markets, Kenner directly released the toys. However, there were a few markets where other companies released the toys. Robocom produced these toys for South Korea. Meanwhile, Aurikken produced them for Mexico, and Antex created the toys for Argentina.

Luckily, the SilverHawks have not been lost to history. In 2021, Super7 announced that they had picked up the SilverHawks IP and planned to release 7-inch scale figures in the upcoming years. These new action figures would be part of Super7’s acclaimed ultimate series.

Beyond the new toy line, Nancelle Company announced plans to create a revival series of the SilverHawks in 2021. The company had worked on multiple Disney+ and other shows, like The Toys That Made Us. However, little is currently known about the planned reboot.

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