8880 Mounted Cavalry Soldier Norman W Mace Toy Soldiers Elastolin 70MM W/BOX

Sold For: $55.39

Sold Date: May 23, 2023

code 563

Condition: Got a collection of 150+ Elastolin boxed figure sets. These are not my specialty, we have taken photos of the front and the back. Personally I don’t think these were displayed. I will not speculate on how well these are painted as this is way outside my forte (I’m an action figure guy). Boxes generally look great, see photo for this item. We made no attempt to put the figures on the horses (after the first one or two) as they were going to be really tight. Anything broken will be specified here (none), if we see it, I know the spurs can be a real issue. This item comes as shown.

Price History

May 23, 2023 for $55.39
code 563
October 27, 2021 for $75.61
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April 20, 2021 for $70.59
December 2, 2020 for $67.06
July 26, 2020 for $64.41