Vintage Toy Buys for 07-13-2020

Buys of the Week

Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures

Looking to sell a toy collection? We’d love to take a look at your toy goodies, we’re a toy dealer who buys old and vintage toys. Here are some of the latest toy brands we have bought.


Collectible G1 Transformers Toys

G1 Transformers Collection

One of the hottest toys in the 1980’s if not all time. Transformers toys that are more than meets the eyes are our favorite. Transforming to hide in plain sight. High-quality robot toys originally designed by the Japanese toy company Takara.


Star Wars Vintage Toys

Star Wars Kenner Vintage Action Figures

The toys inspired by the creative vision of George Lucas, which Kenner Toys brought to life. Toys that established the 3-3/4 inch size as default size moving forward. New Star Wars toys are seemingly made every day, but we love the original toys from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.


He-Man Collections

He-Man Masters of the Universe Action Figures

The mighty He-Man and evil Skeletor continue their never-ending battle for Eternia. Great toys right at home in their 5-1/2 inch size. So popular, a seemingly ending stream of Knock off’s and counterfeits was produced.


Thundercats Action Figures

Thundercats LJN Action Figures

Some of the most carefully and well-sculpted action figures which do a great job of capturing the essence of the characters from the cartoon. The only way they could be any better is if there were a lot more of them. A rather small toy line.


G.I. Joe Toys

Gi Joe Hasbro Vehicles

Hasbro’s home run since the 1960’s. Reimagined in a smaller size at 3-3/4 inch size in the 1980’s. One of our favorite brands. Love the joint articulation, seemingly endless weapons and armaments as well as a great selection of ships, vehicles, and aircraft to reinforce for those vital missions. Another toy line made pretty much constantly for each new generation.


Toxic Crusaders Toy Buyers

Toxic Crusaders Playmates Toys Action Figures

The Toxic Crusaders action figure line was first produced in 1991 by Playmates Toys. There were several action figures AND vehicles that launched in this collection. Bonehead, Headbanger, Dr. Killemoff, Junkyard, and Major Disaster are a few of the most popular action figures in this line. Apocalypse Attackcopter, Crusader Skater, Hideous Hovercraft, Smogcycle, and Toxic Turf Surfer are the vehicles that were released.


Sell Crash Test Dummies Toy Collections

Crash Test Dummies Tyco Playset

In 1993, Tyco released The Crash Dummies action figure line. This toy collection is massive! Along with the action figures, there are several vehicles! The most popular figures in this line consist of: Daryl, Hubcat & Bumper, Pitstop, Skid the Kid, and Slick. 4×4 Crash, Bot Hauler, Crash ATV, and Crash Cab are a few of the vehicles that were released as well.


Old James Bond Toy Buyers

James Bond 007 1965 Gilbert Toy

The first line of James Bond action figures was released by Gilbert Toys in 1965. These first figures stood about three inches high and came with several playsets and accessories. Domino, Dr. No, Goldfinger, James Bond (several different versions), and Largo were a few of the action figures. There were five unique toy sets that went along with these figures.


Sell Pulsar Toys for Cash

Pulsar Mattel Vintage Action Figure

In 1978, Mattel released “Pulsar, the Ultimate Man of adventure” toy series. This series was very small and short-lived. There were only three action figures in this collection – Hypnos, Pulsar, and Life Systems Center.


Sell Convertors Collections

Convertors Select Action Figures

The Convertors action figure line was released in 1984 by Select. This toy collection is massive. There were several different series of toys that all launched in 1984. American Mini Bots, Avarians, Defenders, Die-Cast Metal, Insectors, Maladroids, Mini Motorized Maladroids, and Spies were the different categories of toys.


Sell Exo Squad Collectible Toys

Exo Squad Robotech Playmates Toys Action Figures Loose

The Exo Squad action figures were first released in 1993 by Playmates toys. These action figures were released in six different series. The first series consisted of: J.T. marsh, Alec DeLeon, Phaeton, Typhonus, Marsala, and Shiva. There were two different types of frames – General Purpose E-Frames and Light Attack E-Frames.


Sell Vintage Toys

Tyco Dino Riders Toys

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we are both vintage toy buyers and vintage toy sellers. We currently have nearly 4,000 vintage toys for sale.


1980’s Prototype Action Figures

GoBots Prototype Hardcopies
Zod hardcopy prototype compared to the finished toy from the Gobots Tonka action figure toy line.

If you like prototype toys we recently received a massive vintage prototype collection. This collection is currently for sale. The collection is from a Tonka Toys Executive who worked in the design department. We have Prototypes from many toy lines that were never released. We have prototype toys from all Tonka toy lines in all phases of toy pre-production.


Collectible Toy Buyers

Silverhawks Action Figures Kenner

If you’re looking to sell vintage toys Wheeljack’s Lab is a collectible toy buyer. We would love to buy your old toy collection. Wheeljack’s Lab has been buying and selling toys for three decades. We offer immediate communications, advance payment, and prepaid shipping. If the collection warrants, we will even pick up your collection! Quotes are given the same day. We will be certain to give your used toys new homes with people who greatly appreciate them as much you did. Sell toys.


Author: Chris Ingledue

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Bio: I’m the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab. My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys, triggering fond memories, and reigniting their imaginations. Every day I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year; scouring the internet – like we did the Sears Catalog of yesteryear – for the next great treasure, awaiting the arrival of the postman as if he was Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas. Every day as a vintage toy buyer is an absolute joy!

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