Vintage Toy Buys for 06-03-20

Buys of the Week

Jetfire Hasbro G1 Transformers Jetfire Action Figure

We’re always looking to buy collectible toys! If you’re looking to sell old or used toys get in touch with us. Here are some of the toy brands we bought this week.


Sell Dragonriders of the Styx Toys

Dragonriders of the Styx Multi-Toys Corp Toys

In 1982, Multi-Toys Corp/DFC released the Dragonriders of the Styx playset and action figures. They produced five different playsets, Dragonriders of the Styx being one of them. The action figures consist of dragons, demons, and dungeons. Some of the most popular toys in this collection are Wizard, Guliz the Orge, Black Knight, and Demon.


Sell Earth Force Toys

Pace Toys Earth Force Action Figures

Pace Toys launched two different series of Earth Force action figures. The first series was released in 1985 and the second series the following year. Series one consisted of three different teams: Cyborg Team, Ground Team, and the Flight Team. Each team had two different figures and members of the same team had identical accessories. The following figures were released in 1985: Cherokee, Lazar, Professor “Hacksaw” Hackett, Colonel “Hammer” Jackson, Major “Blaster” Barton, and Commander “Comet” Kelley.


Sell Galaxy Warriors Toys

Galaxy Fighters Sungold Sealed Action Figures

Galaxy Warriors is a 1983 toy line released by Sungold. These action figures are one of many of the Masters of the Universe knock offs. The figures are compatible, with a similar look and the same features/gimmicks. The line consisted of 12 different figures. Magnon, Spikes, Triton, and Tiger Man are just a few of the figures in this line. This line also features two different swords and sorcerers as well as four beasts.


Sell Lords of Light Toys

Lords of Light Pac Toys Action Figures

Lords of the Light were released in 1984 by Pac Toys. These toys were very popular when they first launched. Six action figures were released in this line – Emperor Dementia, Topen, Nepos, Toriac, and Emralyte Power Rods.


Sell Lost World of the Warlord Toys

Lost World of the Warlord Remco Action Figures New

In 1982, Remco released a toyline, “Lost World of The Warlord”, that featured several characters from the DC Comics, The Warlord. Hercules, Arak, Mikola Rostov, Machiste, Deimos, and Travis Morgan were the action figures that were available in this 1982 toy collection. There were three different accessory sets as well as three beasts that were also produced.


Sell Marvel Secret Wars Toys

Secret Wars Mattel Action Figure

In 1984, Mattel released the first series of “Secret Wars” action figures. These action figures were a tie-in to the Marvel Secret Wars comic book. Captain America, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Iron Man, Wolverine, Kang, and Dr. Octopus were the action figures in the first series. A large plastic shield and a description card were also packaged with each individual action figure.  Fourteen figures in all were made along with 9 vehicles.

Sell Micronauts Toys

Micronauts Mego Action Figures

Micronauts was a toy line manufactured by Mego in 1976 and ended in 1980. This toyline was based on the Microman toy line originally created by Takara. Aside from action figures, this toy line consisted of robots, vehicles, accessories, and playsets.


Sell Mighty Crusaders Toys

Mighty Crusaders Remco Action Figures

The Mighty Crusaders were produced in 1984 by Remco Toys. This line of action figures is based on the fictional superhero team published by Archie Comics. Within this line of toys, there were four heroes and four villains: The Comet, The Fox, The Shield, The Web, The Brain Emperor, The Buzzard, The Eraser, and The Sting.


Sell Other World Toys

Other World Arco Action Figures

The Other World line of action figures was produced by Arco Toys in 1982. The collection was split into two factions, the Terrans vs. the evil Glowgons. There were seven “Terrans” action figures and 12 Glowgon action figures. Kamaro and Sharkoss were two of the more popular action figures in this collection.


Sell Power Lords Toys

Power Lords Revell Toys

Power Lords was produced by Revell in 1993. These action figures are sci-fi themed and each action figure has a different gimmick. Adam Power can change into Lord Power by pushing a button. Shaya can turn her cape around and remove her helmet with the push of a button. The toys are made up of two factions – The Heroes and Arkus and his Warriors. Bakatak and Drench were unaffiliated with those factions.

Sell Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Bandai Action Figures

Bandai released Power Rangers action figures in 1990. Power Rangers started as a very popular children’s show. When the show became popular, the action figures were launched. White Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger were some of the most popular action figures, and are still well-known today.


Sell Robot Defenders & Robot Renegades Toys

Robot Defenders and Robot Renegades Remco Action Figures

In 1982, Remco released the first series of “Robot Defenders and Robot Renegades” action figures. There were three Robot Defenders – Mazrak, Epaxion, and Zoton. There were also three Robot Renegades – Wargor, Zebok, and Diotrax. Along with the six action figures, two different vehicles launched; one vehicle for both factions.


Sell Sky Commanders Toys

Flex Wing MIB Sky Commanders

Sky Commanders is a line of action figures that were produced by Kenner and released in 1987. Sky Commanders is a group of heroes whose main purpose is to protect from the evil General Plague and his Raiders. Six different backpacks, one playset, nine vehicles, and a few other accessories were all a part of the 1987 launch. Deception Raider with General Plague, Bomb Blast with commander Pete, and Cable Cannon were a few of the most popular toys in the release.


Sell Star Trek Toys

Star Trek Mego Action Figures

Star Trek began as a science fiction television series and is now an American media franchise. The first line of action figures was produced by Mego in 1974. The original five Star Trek characters were launched in 1974. Those characters consisted of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Scott, and the Klingon. Mego went on to release three more series of Star Trek action figures.


Sell Vintage Toys

Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we are both vintage toy buyers and vintage toy sellers. We currently have over 4,000 vintage toys for sale.


1980’s Prototype Toys

GoBots Prototype Hardcopies
Zod hardcopy prototype compared to the finished toy from the Gobots Tonka action figure toy line.

If you like prototype toys we recently received a massive vintage prototype collection. This collection will be for sale within the next 2 weeks. The collection is from a Tonka Toys Executive who worked in the design department. We have Prototypes from many toy lines that were never released. We have prototype toys from all Tonka toy lines in all phases of toy pre-production.


Collectible Toy Buyers

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures

If you’re looking to sell vintage toys Wheeljack’s Lab is a collectible toy buyer. We would love to buy your old toy collection. Wheeljack’s Lab has been buying and selling toys for three decades. We offer immediate communications, advance payment, and prepaid shipping. If the collection warrants, we will even pick up your collection! Quotes are given the same day. We will be certain to give your used toys new homes with people who greatly appreciate them as much you did. Sell toys.


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