Vintage Toy Buys for 05-18-2020

Buys of the Week

Star Wars Vintage Action Figures

If you’re looking for “where to sell vintage toys” or “where to sell collectible toys” look no further. We would love to buy your toys!  Here are some of the brands we bought this week.


Sell Centurions Toys

Centurions Kenner Action Figures

The Centurions were a line of action figures and vehicles produced by Kenner in 1986. The toys had adaptable and changeable weapons systems. Centurions were launched based on the popular TV show which consisted of 60 episodes.


Sell Visionaries Action Figures

Visionaries Hasbro Actions Figures

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light TV show and the toy line were produced by Hasbro in 1987. The figures had hologram stickers on both their chests and staffs. One day the futuristic society’s technology suddenly stops working. Its citizens return to the use of ancient magic to survive. There were two factions that fight for power!


Sell Battlestar Galactica Collectibles

Battlestar Galactica Mattel 1978 Actions Figures

After the successful TV series, Mattel launched the toy line. Mattel’s original line of Battlestar Galactica action figures were released in 1978. The toys sold very quickly as the missile-launching toys were popular. Due to the death of a young boy, the toys were redesigned not to fire missiles; therefore, there are two versions of all the vehicles. One version fires missiles and the other does not fire. The ones that fire are worth significantly more.


Sell Inhumanoids Action Figures

Inhumanoids Action Figures

Inhumanoids was a popular animated TV series in which Hasbro produced a toy line to follow in 1986. Inhumanoids was a series of ‘scientist action figures’ that had “glow in the light” features. Metlar, Tendril, and D’Compose were some of the popular figures in this series.


Sell Bionic Six Toys

Bionic Six LJN Action Figures

Bionic Six aired from 1987 to 1989. The toys were made by LJN beginning in 1986. The main characters are a family of machine-enhanced humans. They possess unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology. Each member has a specific bionic power, when formed together they make a superhero named Bionic Six.


Sell Tron Action Figures

Tron Tyco Action Figures

After the production of the Disney classic sci-fi movie, Tron, Tomy went on to produce the toys and action figures in 1982. While a small toy line, they are very well made and designed to capture the essence of the movie. The movie didn’t do as well as expected, so only one series was released.


Sell Lord of the Rings Collectibles

Lord of the Rings Knickerbocker Action Figures

In 1978 Lord of the Rings was released. Toymaker, Knickerbocker produced the toys and action figures. The line consisted of six figures and two horses: Aragorn, Frodo, and his Steed, Samwise, Gandalf, Ringwraith and his Steed, and Gollum. Very nicely done toys, albeit a very small line.


Sell Crystar Action Figures

Crystar Remco Toys

Crystar and the forces of order action figures and toys were originally sold in 1982. The Marvel Comics series was first published in the spring of 1983. The Crystar forces of order action figures were designed translucent to appear to be made of crystal. Moltar and the forces of Chaos were designed to be made of lava. Sixteen figures, playsets, and beasts made up the line.


Sell Clash of the Titans Collectibles

Clash of The Titans Mattel 1980 Actions Figure

Clash of the Titans action figure line was launched by Mattel in 1980. The set featured only a few action figures and two creatures the Pegasus and Kraken. This set sold well but never expanded past the first 6 toys.


Sell Dune Action Figures

Dune LJN 1984 Actions Figure

Dune the epic science fiction film was released in 1984. The line of the Dune action figures were produced in 1984 as well by LJN. The original film did not do well and neither did the toys. The toys were for sale for years and couldn’t be given away, which is unfortunate given they were well made.


Sell Rock Lords Action Figures

Rock Lords final engineering pilot bagged sample
Magmar Rock Lords final engineering pilot bagged sample.

The Rock Lords toy line was launched by Tonka in 1986. Rock Lords was a spin-off of the GoBots toy line. These figures are transforming rocks trying to blend into their surroundings. People tend to love them or hate them. Why not hide in plain sight.


Sell Spiral Zone Action Figures

prototype pantograph
A wax mock-up, along with some various hardcopies, a paintmaster and a pantograph all from the Spiral Zone Tonka toy action figure line.

Spiral Zone is a TV series that focused on an international group of soldiers fighting to free the world from a mad scientist. Tonka licensed the rights to Spiral Zones from Bandai and created the toy line, which launched in 1986.


Sell Robotech Collectibles

Robotech Matchbox Action Figures

Robotech was an anime TV series that launched in the United States in 1985. There were three generations of Robotech toys. The first generation was released in 1985 by Matchbox.


Sell Blackstar Action Figures

Blackstar Galoob Ice Castle

The Blackstar action figures were based on a TV cartoon series that was released in 1981. There were three series of toys, produced by Galoob, the first launching in 1983. These figures were based on an astronaut who flew through a black hole and crashed on the planet Sagar.


Sell Bravestarr Action Figures

Bravestarr Mattel Action Figures
Mattel Bravestarr Action Figures

The Bravestarr action figure toys were based on the Filmation TV cartoon series. The figures were made by Mattel in 1986, a year before the TV series. Each figure had a unique gimmick.


Sell Tigersharks Action Figures

Tigersharks LJN Action Figures

LJN produced the Tigershark toy line in 1987. This line of action figures was based on the TV cartoon series. The figures have transformable heads, which flip up when a trigger on the arm is pressed. A small, yet desirable toy line.


Sell the Black Hole Toys

Black Hole Mego 1979 Actions Figures

The Black Hole was a 1979 science-fiction Disney film. Along with the film, an action figure line was produced. Mego came out with the line of action figures shortly after the movie in 1979. The toys were 12″, 8″ and 3 3/4″ sizes.


Sell Toys

Six Million Dollar Man Kenner Action Figures

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we are both vintage toy buyers and vintage toy sellers. We currently have over 4,000 vintage toys for sale.


1980’s Prototype Toys

Play People Prototype R&D Fabricated Hardcopy
Play People Pumper Team Fire Engine Prototype R&D Fabricated Hardcopy Tonka Trucks.

If you like prototype toys we recently received a massive vintage prototype collection. This collection will be for sale within the next 2 weeks. The collection is from a Tonka Toys Executive who worked in the design department. We have Prototypes from many toy lines that were never released. We have prototype toys from all Tonka toy lines in all phases of toy pre-production.


Collectible Toy Buyers

Mad balls Super Horror Heads

If you’re looking to sell toys Wheeljack’s Lab is a collectible toy buyer. We would love to buy your old toy collection. Wheeljack’s Lab has been buying and selling toys for three decades. We offer immediate communications, advance payment, and prepaid shipping. If the collection warrants, we will even pick up your collection! Quotes are given the same day. We will be certain to give your used toys new homes with people who greatly appreciate them as much you did. Sell toys.


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