Vintage Toy Buys for 05-02-2020

Dune LJN Action Figures

Vintage Toy Buys of the Week

We’re collectible toy buyers.  Bringing you the best of the 1980’s vintage toys. If you’re looking to “sell my toys” look no further and ask us for a quote.


Super Naturals Tonka 1986 Action Figures

Super Naturals Tonka Collection

Super Naturals action figures were made by Tonka, both good and evil factions. Their gimmick was the hologram sticker on their chests, an innovative idea. Super Naturals have glow in the dark weapons needed for kid’s night battling.


Ghostbusters Kenner 1986 Toys

Ghostbusters Kenner Action Figures

The Real Ghostbusters toys were released by Kenner. They were largely based on the cartoon series rather than the movie but also included items from the films. The line released in late 1986 and quickly led to product shortages. The line lasted for another 5 years, which was an eternity for toys. It ended when Kenner merged with Hasbro in 1991.


Starcom Coleco 1986 Action Figures

Starcom Vehicles and Action Figures

Starcom features an American astronaut team as they fend off invasions by the Shadow Force. The toys are very well made and look great. I love the magnetic gimmick. The figures were a bit small for my taste at 2”. The show only lasted one season, but it was a massive release for such a short series.  It included 38 figures, 24 vehicles, and 6 playsets. The magnetic Magna Lock gimmick allowed the figures to stand on the vehicles without falling off and it activated the featured (gimmicks) on the toys. All the vehicles and playsets had one or more Magna Locks.  The vehicles also had automatic wind-up mechanisms that allowed them to perform multiple actions without the need for batteries.


Visionaries Hasbro 1987 Toys

Hasbro Visionaries Action Figures

Shortly after the Super Natural toys were released came the Visionaries the Knights of the Magical Light. The story begins on the day the futuristic society’s technology suddenly stops working. Its citizens return to the use of ancient magic to survive. There were two factions: the heroic Spectral Knights and the evil Darkling Lords. Each having a creature talisman that matched the bearers’ abilities, the talisman also allowed them to transform into that creature.  Some characters had the power to infuse vehicles with magical powers.


Silverhawks Telepix 1986 Action Figures

Kenner Silverhawks Collection

Set in the future in the Limbo galaxy. A master criminal MonStar sets out to rule. Volunteers from Earth undergo a conversion to become metal with wings of silver to help stop MonStar. All the good guys had a gimmick where when their legs were pressed together their wings snapped. The show had over 60 episodes but the toys only lasted for 2 years.


Inhumanoids Hasbro 1986 Toys

Inhumanoids Hasbro Action Figures

Finally, a toy series named after the bad guys! Inhumanoids are subterranean monsters aided by the elemental Mutores, which are kept in check by the Earth Corps. Most of the Saturday based toy lines had roots from full-length cartoons, Inhumanoids rather had its origins from a Sunday morning mini-series. Figures’ size ranged from 6” to 14”. Where the series went wrong is the reuse of the same sculpts which were merely repainted.


Steel Monsters Tonka 1986 Toys

Steel Monsters Tonka 1986 Actions Figure

The Mad Max toy line that few knew about. These figures are right out of a Mad Max movie. Tonka made these 3 ¾” scale action figures that came with high-quality steel vehicles. While the toys lasted 2 years, only 8 vehicles were made each coming with their own figure.


Centurions Kenner 1986 Action Figures

Centurions Kenner Action Figures

Centurions Power Xtreme toys that are both man and machine. The figures have holes throughout their exo-frame suits where weapon systems attach to the figures. This gimmick was the focus of the toys’ promotion. The exo-frame suits allow for many combinations of unique toys. Set in the 21st Century, Earth is threatened by the evil cyborg, his name is Doc Terror.  Doc Terror is in command of an army of Doom Drones. The Centurions are a skilled group trained to defend against Dr. Terror.


M.A.S.K. Kenner 1985 Action Figures

Kenner Mask Action Figures

Created by Kenner, M.A.S.K. is a battle between the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (M.A.S.K.) and the criminal organization Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem (V.E.N.O.M.). The masks worn by the drivers give special powers to the drivers. After 70 episodes the show was over, but the toys outlived the cartoon and lasted 4 years.


He-Man Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Mattel 1982 Action Figures

Jetfire Hasbro G1 Transformers Action Figure

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were produced by Mattel in 1982. He-Man battles with Skeletor to prevent him from conquering Eternia. It’s a combination of medieval and sci-fi high-tech. A little larger than most figures at 5.5” action figures. Later the next year a cartoon would follow, which saw 130 episodes produced.


Star Wars Vintage Kenner 1977 Action Figures

Star Wars Kenner AFA Action Figures

Kenner landed the Star Wars action figures toy line, and it changed that small company’s fortunes. They made over 100 action figures produced nearly as many vehicles and playsets from 1977 to 1985. It was the first commercially successful attempt to sell action figure toys from a movie. This led to 3 ¾” figures becoming the almost default size moving forward still to this day. 3 ¾” is neither too small or too big and seems just right.


G.I. Joe Hasbro 1982 Action Figures

Hasbro Vintage G.I.Joe Action Figures

In 1982 Hasbro borrowed from Kenner’s playbook when reinventing G.I. Joes. They basically copied Kenner’s Star Wars packaging and action figure size.  Copying those variables and improved the figure’s articulation and instead of giving one or no accessories, they often gave a handful! This is why Joes have better play value. G.I. Joe was a “mobile strike force” assembled with the mission of protecting America. The number one enemy quickly became the Cobra army.


G1 Transformers Hasbro 1984 Action Figures

Computer Warriors Mattel

Transformers were originally released in 1984 by Hasbro, but the origins are from Takara, a Japanise firm. Robots in disguise was a great concept that Hasbro loved. Hasbro made a deal with Takara to sell Takara’s Diaclone and Micro Change lines in the US market. The Transformers brand has been booming ever since


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Silverhawks Action Figures Kenner

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Prototype Toys

Vintage Action Figure Prototype Toys

We recently received a collection of vintage prototypes and memorabilia from a former Tonka Executive! It includes pre-production mock-ups, hardcopies, first shots, test shots, engineering pilots, unproduced & unreleased prototype toys & MORE! If you would like to signup to be notified when they go for sale click here. If you would like to read our article about the prototype process at Tonka please read.


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Bravestarr Action Figures Mattel

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