Vintage Toy Buys for 02-24-2020

G.I. Joe Hasbro 1982 Actions Figures

Vintage Toy Buys of the Week

G.I. Joe Hasbro 1982 Actions Figures

Great vintage toys keep coming in at warp speed. So many we just have to put some in storage for a rainy day, including the 60 MOSC vintage Star Wars figures. All the greatest 1980’s toy brands came into the lab.  Check out this week’s toy finds.


Vintage G1 Transformers

Vintage G1 Transformers MIB

We got some great MIB G1 Transformers in stock this week, a minty Megatron, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe and 50 more. Along with the boxed figures came around 200 loose 1980’s G1 Transformers loose and complete.


Gi Joe Original Figures

Gi Joe Hiss Tank

Another battalion of loose Gi Joe figures and vehicles arrived just in time, including reinforcements for the Night Force, Python Patrol, and Tiger Force.


Panosh Place Voltron Playset

Voltron Castle of Lions

Castle of Lions and nearly all the other Panosh Place figures


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT Loose Figures

TMNT Loose Action Figures

About half the loose figures came in from Alaska of all places. Including some of the rarer later series figures like King Lionheart.


Star Wars Vehicles

Endor Ewok Village Playset

The imperial and rebel armies came out of light-speed just in time for me to pick them up.  The AT-AT, Tie Fighters, Snow Speeders, playsets and more.  Not just the ships, the armies arrived to just shore up the front lines.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons LJN TSR

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons LJN TSR
In a new twist instead of sealed D&D that we have had the last few weeks, we got a collection of around 30 loose Dungeons and Dragons.  Got the first Fortress of Fangs of the new year.


Elastolin 70mm Figures

Elastolin Toy Soldiers

More Boxed Huns, Romans, and Nordic cavalry. All printing variations (first, second and third).


He-Man MOTU Playsets

MOTU He-Man Loose Action Figures

Snake Mountain and Castle Greyskull playsets along with some of the movie figures like Saurod, Blade, Gwildor and more.


Crossbows and Catapults Game

Crossbows and Catapults

Firsts are always nice, I looked at the Crossbows and Catapults set and thought to myself what is this junk….lol.  Always nice to be surprised by something I have never had.

Megaman Bandai X Series

Megaman Bandai MISB

Also a little outside the norm were the dozen or so of the Bandai Megaman X Series.


Sell Vintage Toys

Star Wars Kenner 1977 Actions Figures

We have over 4,000 vintage toys for sale.  Check out our current vintage toys for sale.


Prototype Toy Collection

Cheat-N-Cheetah Test Shot Prototype

We recently received a vintage prototype collection.  The collection from a Tonka Toys Executive who worked in the design department. Toys from all their toy lines from all phases of toy pre-production.


Vintage Toy Buyers

Lord of the Rings Knickerbocker 1979 Actions Figures

If you’re selling old toys we are a known vintage toy buyer and would love to buy your collection. We have been buying and selling vintage toys for over 20 years. We offer immediate communications, immediate payment, and prepaid shipping. If the collection warrants, we will even pick up your collection! Toy quotes are given the same day. We will be certain to give your old toys new homes with people who greatly appreciate them as you did.


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