Vintage Toy Buys for 01-09-2021

Let’s hope that everyone is having a great start to the new year. We at Wheeljack’s Lab have continued to sell and buy vintage toys and have a new series of Vintage Toy Buys for this week.

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The top vintage toy buys for this week are:

Are you ready to sell your Terminator 2 toys?

Terminator 2 Action Figures Toys 1994

Manufacturer: Kenner

Era: 1992

Kenner released two different line ups of Terminator 2: Judgement Day toys.

In 1991, Series 1 consisted of Battle Damage Terminator, Blaster T-1000, Cyber-Grip Villian, Damage Repair Terminator, Endoglow Terminator, Exploding T-1000, John Connor, Meltdown Terminator, Power Arm Terminator, Secret Weapon Terminator, Techno-Punch Terminator, Ultimate Terminator, White-Hot T-1000(Red Arrow), and White-Hot T-1000(White Arrow). This first line also saw three accessories released, consisting of the Bio-Flesh Regenerator, the Heavy Metal Cycle, and the Mobile Assault Vehicle.

Then, in 1992, the second series, Future War, contained 3-Strike Terminator, Battle Ready Terminator, Cyber-Grip Villian, Hidden Power Terminator, Hot Blast Terminator, Kromium, Metal-Mash Terminator, Rapid Repair Terminator, and Ultimate Terminator. Six of the eight new releases in the Future War series were variations on previous models from the Series 1 line up and the two villains, Kromium and Cyber-Grip Villain were original creations by Kenner. Unfortunately, Kenner did not release any accessories or vehicles for the Future War series.

We buy toy lines like Big Jim

Big Jim Adventure Sets Vintage Mattel Action Figures

Manufacturer: Mattel

Era: 1973

Big Jim, initially inspired by G.I. Joe, was a 10-inch doll that featured a push-button that allowed karate chop action. The original Big Jim series consisted of Big Jim, Big Jeff, Big Josh, Big Jack, Chief Tankua, and Dr. Steel. From 1976 to 1985, Mattel only released three other lines. In 1976 the P.A.C.K. series featured Warpath, The Whip, Zorak, and Torpedo Fist. The Spy Series in 1982 consisting of Joe, Professor O.B.B., Boris, and Agent 004. Lastly, the Global Command Series in 1985 featured Vektor, Astros, Baron Fangg, Dr. Alec, and Commander Jim.

The Big Jim line-ups were less military-focused than G.I. Joe and leaned more heavily into a spy angle. Interestingly, Big Jim was renamed Kid Acero for Latin America and Mark Strong in Europe. Then, the source for Big Jim, clad in white striped, orange boxer shorts, was only released in Europe. This version came with a test of strength belt, karate board, and dumbbell.

Who buys Greatest American Hero toys?

Greatest American Hero Toys

Manufacturer: Mego

Era: 1981

Mego released the Greatest American Hero line in 1981. The line consisted of only one toy and was packaged as a combo set with Ralph, Bill, and the Convertible Bug. Unfortunately, Mego closed operations not long after the release of the Greatest American Hero line. As such, they were not able to distribute more than one line. Since Mego closed not long after releasing the Greatest American Hero line and that only one toy set was released in limited numbers, the value of the Greatest American Hero stays high in the toy collecting world.

The Greatest American Hero TV series had a bit of controversy around it due to the similarities it shared with Superman, and Warner Brothers even filed a lawsuit against the ABC network, but the case was ultimately dismissed.

There are a few loose and carded eight-inch figures for The Greatest American Hero on the collector’s market, including versions of Ralph, Bill, and Pam.

Wheeljack’s Lab Loves Vintage Toy Buys!

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Author: Chris Ingledue


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