Vintage Toy Buys for 01-02-2021

Predator Kenner Action Figures

Welcome to a brand new year of vintage toy buys! We are looking forward to the new stock of toys that will come with the new year. If you are interested in last week’s picks, please check out the article here!

Without further ado, let us check out what is in store for this week!

This week’s Vintage Toy Buys are:

Are you ready to sell your Indiana Jones toys?

Wheeljack's Lab Buys Indiana Jones Kenner toys

Manufacturer: Kenner

Era: 1981-1989

In 1982, Kenner released an initial line-up of four toys for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones himself, Cairo Swordsman, Marion Ravenwood, and Toht. There was also a send away offer for a fifth figure, Belloq in ceremonial robes, printed on the cards. This version of Belloq is quite rare as it was never released for wide distribution. Still reveling in the success of their Star Wars brand, Kenner released the Indiana Jones line with a notable upgrade, flexible knee joints.

The first line of figures was not released until 1982 because there wasn’t a deal in place to produce toys for Indiana Jones until after Raiders of the Lost Ark had its theatrical release. Kenner also released one 12’ Indiana Jones figure. 1983 saw the release of four more figures, Indiana Jones in German Uniform, Belloq, the German Mechanic, and Sallah. Three Action Playsets were released, the Map Room, the Well of Souls, and The Streets of Cairo.

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Looking for who buys vintage Predator toys like Spiked Tail Predator?


Manufacturer: Kenner

Era: 1994

Kenner released a line of toys based on the Predator movie franchise from 1994 to 1996. Many of the figures were original creations that were not in the movies or television series.

The first series, released in 1994, included the Cracked Tusk Predator, Nightstorm Predator, Scavage Predator (Light Green), Scavage Predator (Dark Green), Predator Clan Leader, Lava Planet Predator, Stalker Predator, and Spiked Tail Predator. This line up also featured the Ambush Predator, a special edition mail in order only individual figure. Kenner also released the Blade Fighter vehicle with the first series.

In 1995, Kenner released the second series featuring only one addition with the Lasershot Predator. Kenner also released a larger model figure in 1995, the 10” Ultimate Predator.

The third series featured one new entry, the Renegade Predator, and updated models for the Stalker Predator, Scavage Predator, and Spiked Tail Predator. Between 1994 and 1996, Kenner released three series in all that totaled fifteen figures and one vehicle.

Selling your Xena: Warrior Princess toys? You’ll need to know who buys them!

Xena ToyBiz Action Figures

Manufacturer: ToyBiz

Era: 1998

From 1998-1999 ToyBiz released three different lines of Xena toys, and each wave contained six-inch and twelve-inch figures.

The first wave of six-inch figures featured Xena with Sword Drawing Action, Callisto with Spinning Attack Action, Warrior Xena with Jumping Attack Action, and Gabrielle with Spinning Staff Attack. The first series of twelve-inch dolls included Xena, Gabrielle, and Callisto.

The second wave of six-inch figures was Xena with Pillar of Power, Velasca with Tribal Mask and Ambrosia Cave, and Autolycus: King of Thieves with Grappling Hook and Dagger. The second wave of twelve-inch dolls featured Warlord Xena, Ares, Roman Xena, and Amazon Princess Gabrielle.

The third series of six-inch figures featured Xena: Conqueror of Nations, Callisto: Warrior Goddess with Hope, Xena: Warrior Huntress, and Grieving Gabrielle with Hope. The final series of twelve-inch dolls consisted of Evil Xena, Empress Gabrielle, and Shamaness Xena. Unfortunately, while ToyBix planned the fourth wave, they never released it.

These are all excellent examples of our vintage toy buys of the week!

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