Top Buys of Old and Used Toys for 03-13-2021

Top Buys of Old and Used Toys for 03-13-2021

After over two decades of selling and buying old and used toys, we have seen many great and interesting buys. However, there are always wonderful things to look forward to.

In fact, we’ve seen a lot of great things this month. Wandavision has ended. Snider Cuts are debuting. However, the greatest thing that we have seen is the newest and greatest in buys in old and used toys!

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Sell your Stompers toys to Wheeljack’s Lab!

the Chevrolet K-10 Scottdale, Chevrolet Blazer, Dodge Warlock, Ford Bronco, and Jeep Honcho. Back in 1980, Schaper toys introduced the world to the first battery-powered 4WD toys, Stompers. For the first time, children experienced the joy of 4×4 power as their toys moved through the dirt of their backyards.

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Schaper Toys Stompers Honcho Texas Turbo Pickup 4x4

Schaper’s first batch of Stompers included only five trucks:

  • the Chevrolet K-10 Scottdale
  • Chevrolet Blazer
  • Dodge Warlock
  • Ford Bronco
  • Jeep Honcho.

Sell your 1981 Stompers

With the success of the first series proven, Schaper Toys returned in 1981 to release the second batch of toys. This time, Schaper introduced five more vehicles to the line. These trucks were:

  • the Chevrolet LUV
  • Datsun Li’l Hustler
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Subaru BRAT
  • Toyota SR5

Buying and selling used and old 1982 Stoompers toys

Schaper Toys expanded the toy line in 1982. In this year, a set of 6 Fun x4’s debuted. This set included:

  • AMC SX/4
  • Chevrolet van
  • Chevrolet 1956 Nomad
  • Jeep CJ
  • Subaru Hatchback
  • Volkswagen Baja Bug

Also, Schaper Toys produced 4 Work x 4’s, which featured several Ford C-Series Trucks. In this set were:

  • Cherry Picker
  • Cement Mixer
  • Dump Truck
  • Tow Truck

Sell your Stompers Sets at Wheeljack’s Lab

Schaper Toys sold the Stompers line as both individual packages and sets. One of the more notable sets was 1982’s Official Competition Pull Set. Other known sets were 1980’s Stunt Set and Wild Mountain Set. Notably, Scahper Toys replaced the prior 1980s set in 1982 with the Badlands, Devil Mountain, and Wild Country sets.

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