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Buck Rogers Mego Action Figures

We had a romantic Valentine’s Day between our latest and greatest buys of vintage toys and collectors. We always love the connection made between a collector and the toys that we buy and sell. It has been Wheeljack’s Lab’s top priority to make man the toy collection love boat. So, we intend to continue to celebrate the old and used toys that come our way!

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Buck Rogers In the 25th Century has been around in various forms for nearly a hundred years by now. The fame of the series has influenced other mediums and produced parodies as found in Loony Toons. However, nothing beats the original Buck Rogers.

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From September of 1979 to April of 1981, Universal Studios produced and televised a version of Buck Rogers for NBC. While this was not the first Buck Rogers television show, this is the one that many remember today.

Like most versions of the series, the plot revolves around a NASA pilot, Captain William Anthony “Buck” Rogers, who launches the Ranger 3 in May 1987. Unfortunately, Rogers becomes the victim of an accident that freezes him for over 500 years and sends him into the 25th century. After thawing, the series focuses on Captain Roger’s attempts to adapt and fit into 25th-century society.

Thus, Mego responded in kind and produced a series of action figures to tie along with the television series.

Sell your 12” Buck Rogers Action Figures

Mego only created Buck Rogers action figures in 1979. However, there were two classes of action figures that Mego produced during this year. In the 12” class of figures, there were 7 toys created:

  • Buck Rogers
  • Draco
  • Huer
  • Draconian Guard
  • Killer Kane
  • Tiger Man
  • Walking Twiki

Buy Basic Buck Rogers Toys and Action Figures

Buck Rogers Mego Action Figures Meanwhile, the basic action figures were 4” tall toys on card backs. Mego produced 9 basic figures for their Buck Rogers li

  • Ardella
  • Buck Rogers
  • Huer
  • Draco
  • Draconian Guard
  • Killer Kane
  • Tiger Man
  • Twiki
  • Wilma Deering

Sell your Buck Rogers vehicles and accessories.

Buck Rogers Mego Boxed Action Figures Also, there the line included 5 accessories and vehicles to go along with the action figures.

  • Draconian Marauder
  • Land Rover
  • Laserscope Fighter
  • Star Fighter
  • Star Fighter Command Center

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