AFA Toys to sell for the week of 03-27-2021

AFA Toys to sell for the week of 03-27-2021

Some of the rarest old and used toys available to sell and buy are factory-sealed products from decades past, especially AFA graded toys. So, we are always excited when we see a diverse collection of sealed products come in. Even better, AFA grading elevates the excitement factor for our latest products.

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Sell your AFA graded toys to Wheeljack’s Lab!

Not every factory-sealed toy is the same, some have damaged packaging while others look the same as the day, they left the factory. Even if you have a factory-sealed toy in pristine shape, you risk damaging them each time you move or ship them. So, how can you sell your toys and be certain that your buyers will receive the best product available?

The Action Figures Authority answered this problem by offering grading services to learn what state your toys are in. They, then seal the toys in protective shells to preserve their condition even during shipping.

Sell your AFA Gold Graded toys to us today!

Hasbro 1986 Transformers Radimus Prime - AFA Graded 80

When it comes to mint toys, you can do no better than an AFA Gold toy. In the past, they categorized their toys as Gem Mint, Mint, and Near Mint/Mint. However, the recent grading keeps the gold standard to 9.0-10.0.

If you have an AFA Gold Graded toy, look no further for the best place to sell your toys. Sell your toys to Wheeljack’s Lab and avoid the hassle of carefully shipping your toys to their new homes!

Wheeljack’s Lab buys AFA Silver Graded toys!

Even if your toy does not get a gold grading, the silver grading is worth selling. These toys have held the titles of Near Mint Plus, Near Mint, And Excellent Plus/Near Mint in the past. However, if you have had your toys graded since 1995, the silver grading will include toys rated from 7.5-8.5.

Sell AFA Bronze GI Joe toys for cash!

Hasbro 1984 GI Joe Destro (AFA 85)

The lowest tier of AFA graded toys is the bronze tier of toys. These toys once held a long-range of titles including:

  • Excellent Plus
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Very Poor

In the modern grading, AFA Bronze includes toys that earn the grading of 1.0-7.0.

AFA Graded Transformers toys sold by Wheeljack’s Lab.

Hasbro 1984 Transformers Soundwave (AFA 85)In the last month, we have been delighted to buy an ample collection of AFA toys. So, in the last month, we have bought and sold several AFA graded toys including:

  • Kenner’s Star Wars Return of the Jedi Squid Head (AFA 85)
  • Hasbro 1986 Transformers Galvatron (AFA 80)
  • Hasbro 1986 Transformers Hot Rod (AFA 85)
  • Hasbro 1985 Transformers Bombshell (AFA 85)
  • Hasbro 1985 Transformers Chip Shop (AFA 85)
  • Hasbro 1984 GI Joe Destro (AFA 85)
  • Hasbro 1986 GI Joe Serpenator (AFA 85)
  • Many more!

If you have AFA-graded toys that you are ready to sell, contact us today to get your sale started!

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