Pound Puppies Miniature PVC Barkerville UNPAINTED EYES Tonka Employee Owned

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About Where This Came From: First, this came from a 1970-1990’s Tonka designer executives home. He passed some time ago, this collection includes MANY product samples, packaging prototypes, etc. I will likely miss some and classify them as just basic stock. Some may have generic price tags as he was going to sell them shortly before his death. So this at worst is a standard product, could be something more. If questions ask, I got around 1,000 items in this collection. Comes as shown.

Figure Condition: It has near new with light wear. Some of these I can see have running changes in the paint (this is one of those figures as the eyes are unfinished), so this could be some sort of sample, but I’m not an expert on Pound Puppies. Comes as shown.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in


Character Family

Pound Puppies




Mini (Under 6 in)