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Founded in 1949, Remco dedicated its resources to making fun toys that any budget could get their hands on. While they had many toys that are treasured by fans today, they never became the industry leaders. Still, they kept the pressure on certain companies, like Mattel. They especially made waves when their toy lines closely resembled the Masters of the Universe toy line. Such was the case with the Pirates of the Galaxseas.

Remco introduced the Pirates of the Galaxseas around 1982, though most of the toys came out in 1983. This line was one of multiple toy lines that mimicked the look and style of Mattel’s concurrent toys. The figures stood in a squatted position that allowed them to flaunt their bulging muscles. As most of these toy lines were similar in build and size, players could easily mix and match characters to make imaginative battles.

Remco proudly announced that the Pirates of the Galaxseas 5 ½” action figures could play with Warlords, Warrior Beasts, Sarge Team, Connan, and other similar toy lines. Some fans would even mix them in to create even more allies or villains for He-Man. These fully poseable action figures were also compatible with the accessories for these various toy lines.

Each action figure came on a colorful card back that depicted a tropical island theme. While there was no story to the Pirates of the Galaxseas, the toy line was subtitled “The Legend of Treasure Island”. As Remco used the same artwork for all characters, they presented the character names via stickers applied to the blisters. Otherwise, the text on the packaging advertised how the toys offered all-out action and could be combined with other toy lines. Meanwhile, the back of the card lacked any color. It instead provided drawn depictions of each of the six toys from the line.

To make the Pirates of the Galaxseas toy line collectible, Remco included special Pirate Treasures with each toy. These were plastic coins, made to resemble doubloons, featuring each of the six characters. Remco created two versions of these coins, either golden or silver, and packaged them randomly with each figure. Furthermore, the accessory weapons each had two variants: black or silver colored.

Remco created six characters for the Pirates of the Galaxseas toy line. First, there was the human character, Tattoo. He had brown hair and a beard. However, his most distinguishing features were the tattoos on his chest and right shoulder. He also wore blue pants and a blue and white bandana. This character came with a double-barreled gun.

Remco Pirates of the Galaxseas Cutlass

The next pirate for the line was Patch, another human male. He had white hair and a white beard. Meanwhile, he wore a black vest, purple pants, and reddish-brown boots. His name came from the eye patch over his right eye. This character came with a blunderbuss accessory.

Then, there was Peg Leg, a bald humanoid man with one cyclops-like eye. He wore a black and white striped shirt and blue pants. While there was a peg leg on his left side, his right foot was bare. He came with a knife.

Remco also created Cutlass, a tanned human male with blonde hair and a blonde beard. He wore a green shirt, brown pants, and yellow boots. He also wore a black hat. As indicated by his name, this character came with a cutlass accessory.

The next character from the Pirates of the Galaxseas toy line was Ribs, a grey skeletal being. He wore a red cape with two straps that crossed across his chest. This action figure came with a cutlass sword, the same as the one for Cutlass.

Finally, there was a black skeletal character, Crossbones. This character wore a tattered sash that ran across his chest. It came with a cutlass weapon, the same weapon that came with Patch.

Despite the short run of the Pirates of the Galaxseas, fans continued to love and collect the character for decades. This cult following led to Zoloworld reintroducing the toy line to the marketplace in 2017. While they revived the toy line’s name and look, they created new characters for this line. Unfortunately, the toys still lacked an overarching storyline.

Zoloworld introduced two versions of Shreds Swashbuckler, the green Ghastly Ribs and the purple Marooned Crossbones, to the line. Then, there were Crackers McCaw, mad Eye Marauder, Black Beard Buccaneer, and Patch Plankwalker. Like Remco’s toy line, all of these action figures were compatible with Zoloworld’s other toy lines like Realm of the Underworld, Warrior Beasts, Flexors, and more.

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