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Following waves of Robot-themed toys, Remco decided to challenge the market with their own take on cyborgs. Understanding that simple toys were no longer the easiest to market, they aimed to create fully adaptable toys. They came up with the ManTech system, where the toy line would feature a wide range of interchangeable parts. This made it fully possible to create a unique play experience.

Remco advertised the ManTech toys as the ultimate union of Man and High Technology. These 1/12 scale action figures stood around 7” tall and came with a wide range of accessories. However, the toy line stood out with the propriety peg and port system that allowed the toys to swap parts. Beyond the action figures, the focus on interchangeability permeated all facets of the toy line, including the play set and vehicles.

Remco designed six characters to launch the ManTech action figure toy line in 1984. These six ManTech Robot Warriors were then split into two factions: good and evil. On the good side was Aquatech, Solartech, and Lasertech. Then, on the evil side were Nagatech, Terrortech, and Doomtech. Each character wore a hard plastic helmet that could be removed. Underneath these helmets were soft plastic faces, though the evil ManTech warriors had inhuman, cyborg faces.

The easiest way to tell these characters apart was the color of each exo-suit. Aquatech wore a yellow suit, Solartech wore a red one, and Lasertech wore a blue one. Meanwhile, Nagatech came in a purple suit, Terrortech in a black one, and Doomtech in a green one.

Each action figure was packaged inside a box with its accessories. These boxes also featured a performance profile, which detailed their capabilities. While the front of the box claimed that the story was detailed on the back, that was not the case. Instead, the back of the box fully displayed how limbs could be swapped around with the 6mm posi-click system. It also explained how each figure had 15 interchangeable parts. The boxes also advertised how the action figures had infinite posability and incredible detail.

Beyond these six action figures was a selection of two vehicles along with a battle station play set. The ManTech Warriors could call upon the Traxon vehicle to ride into battle. Meanwhile, the evil forces relied on the Terrorizer. Finally, there was the Battlestation II play set where the ManTech Warriors could fend off the evil forces.

Mantech Remco Sealed Toys

Both the Traxon and the Terrorizer could become land, air, or sea vehicles depending on the arrangement of parts. They also both had a selection of 14 interchangeable parts. The Traxon featured a command module, a left wing, a right wing, 2 forward cannons, a jet thruster, a transporter system, wheels, a laser borer with a launcher, and 6 beta weapons.  Meanwhile, the Terrorizer had a Terror Module, a left wing, a right wing, a forward combat cone, terror tracks, a terror thruster, a steel spike with a launcher, and beta weapons.

Then, there was the Battlestation Laser II which had a weapons storage module, a command module, and a launching station. This was the center Headquarters Battlestation Defense Module for the ManTech System. The Battlestation Laser II was a tri-level play set with a completely rotatable second-level command platform. The platform also had a rotation capability of 360⁰.

While the ManTech toy line did not make it to a second wave, Remco had plans to expand the line. They prepared 3 additional characters for production. However, the cancelation of the line left these figures unproduced. Meanwhile, they had plans to work with Hanna Barbera to get a cartoon series on the air. Once again, these plans fell through.

There was one level of multi-media marketing that did make it to the market. Archie Comics licensed ManTech and produced a 4-issue miniseries for the toy line. This series explained how 3 NASA astronauts somehow made their way to a planet called Mekka. Even though they were fatally injured when they arrived, the benevolent Doctor Jackson Goode saved their lives and turned them into cyborgs. Thus, Lt. “Laserray” Larson became Lasertech, Colonel Solomon Sunn became Solartech, and Cliff Stone became Aquatech. They used their powers to help fight against the evil forces of Tyranik. There was also a mini comic that was packaged with each of the action figures.

ManTech made its way to the international market thanks to a few different companies. CBS Toys brought the action figures to the French market. Meanwhile, GiG localized the toy line for the Italian market.

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