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As Hasbro rode on the waves of popularity from their Joes and form-changing robots, they decided to experiment and create brand-new toy lines. One of the new ideas that they came up with married the excitement of monster movies with the action of machine exo-suits. This led to the multi-tiered monstrous toy line, the Inhumanoids, which first appeared in toy aisles and on television in 1986.

To help design this new toy line, Hasbro relied on the work of David McDonald. He also helped Hasbro develop memorable toy lines like the Air Raiders. Like most designers for Hasbro, he was given the freedom to create bizarre and unique toys. Thus, the monsters were allowed to be grotesque and horrific.

As Hasbro was getting the toys together, they got together with their long-time partners, Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions, to produce an animated series. Meanwhile, Toei Animation from Japan worked on the animation art for the series. These collaborations had great success in producing additional sales for Hasbro, so they had no reason to not turn to them once more. However, the animated product was not a stand-alone product at first.

Before the Inhumanoids starred in their own series, they aired as part of the Super Sundays programming. Here, their story popped up as 6 to 7-minute-long segments. By the end of the run, these segments formed an introductory movie for the full series.

The world changed after a government geological group, the Earth Corps, located a giant amber with a monstrous being locked inside it. After, the greed of an industrialist, Blackthorne Shore, allowed both a second monster, Tendrill, and the first, D Compose, to run amuck. Luckily, the Earth Corps found sentient plant-like creatures, the Redwoods, in the Big Sur, who helped explain where these monsters came from.

Under the surface of the Earth existed two groups. The Mutores desired to live in harmony with the rest of the planet. However, the Inhumanoids cared little for other creatures and sought to devastate the rest of the world. Thus, the Mutores had sealed away Meltar, the leader of the Inhumanoids, along with many of his followers.

Hasbro 1986 Inhumanoids Granok Mutore

Despite interference from Blackthrone Shore and his corrupt allies, including Senators, the Earth Corps allied with the Mutores to thwart the Inhumanoid threat. Even though they succeeded by the end of the series run, the threat of the Inhumanoids loomed over the horizon. For, a tissue sample of Tendril had mysteriously gone missing.

After the success of the Inhumanoids on the Super Sundays block, they were green lit to receive a stand-alone series. Here, here each episode had the usual 22-minute-long airtime. Meanwhile, the prior segments were combined and converted into the first five episodes of this new series. In addition to these episodes, the series added 8 more episodes. By the end of its one-season run, there were a total of 13 episodes depicting the fight against the Inhumanoids.

As the animated series was entertaining viewers, Hasbro developed three tiers of action figures for the toy line. First, there were the 6” scale figures, which all were members of the Earth Corps. These action figures included Auger, Dr. Derek Bright, Herc Armstrong, and Liquidator. Each of these toys featured light-piping that Hasbro promoted as “Glow in the Light” action features. They also wore protective exo-suits so that they could battle the ferocious Inhumanoids.

The next tier of the line was the 7” Mutores, the benevolent monsters that sought to help humanity defeat the Inhumanoids. This tier included action figures of Granites, Granok Mutore, Magnokor, Redlen Mutore, Redsun, and Redwoods. Notably, Granites and Granok Mutore shared a mold since they were the same species. Likewise, Redwoods, Redlen Mutore, and Redsun also shared a mold.

Finally, there were the massive 14” scale Inhumanoids. This tier included three action figures: D. Compose, Metlar, and Tendril. The first editions of Tendril were released with long fangs. However, as the line progressed, Hasbro modified the mold with shorter fangs for safety reasons. Hence, the long-fanged Tendrils are rarer and more valuable.

In addition to these action figures, Hasbro produced a couple of vehicles for the toy line. There was both the Terrascout and the Trappeur. Hasbro designed both of these vehicles to be driven by the 6” scale Earth Corps members.

Even though Hasbro planned to create a second series, the line was canceled before they could produce these figures. The only known prototype from this wave was Ssslither. Otherwise, there are rumors of a set of prototypes sold on eBay in the late 90s.

Comic book series from Marvel Comics in 1987. Only 4 issues were published before the series was canceled. The cancelation was not planned since it ended on a cliffhanger.

IDW later briefly revived the Inhumanoids with a brief appearance in the 2020 comic book miniseries, Rom: Dire Wraiths. Rather than calling the main team the Earth Corps, IDW renamed them into the Adventure-One Team. Aside from this brief appearance, there have been no signs of a revival of the Inhumanoids.

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