Exo Squad Action Figures Identification Tool with Pictures

Exo Squad Action Figures Identification Tool with Pictures
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Universal Cartoon Studios created the animated series, Exo Squad, in 1993. Until 1994, it ran on syndicated television for two seasons with 52 episodes filled with sci-fi action. Like many series before it, the futuristic civilization relied on advanced robotic exo suits to wage war and get their work done.

The story of Exo Squad

In the early 22nd century, humans left the Earth to begin colonizing planets like Venus and Mars. These three inner planets became the new homeworlds for humanity, though some preferred an independent, pirate lifestyle. These pirates often lived on the outer planets and would regularly raid freighters. Terrans were on edge with the threat of Pirate raids around every corner.

Meanwhile, a brand-new species of human, the Neospaiens, was created through genetic manipulation. They took advantage of the rising tensions to launch their rebellion against humanity. Phaeton, who had helped lead the first revolt, led his people in a brand-new revolt. Beyond being frustrated by the treatment of the Neosapiens, he believed that they were superior to humans in every way.

The series followed the Able Squad, a squad of exo frame pilots stationed on the ExoCarrier, Resolute. This squad followed the lead of J.T. Marsh, who also commanded the Baker Squad. The youngest out of the squad, Nara Burns, eventually became its new leader after Marsh’s promotion. The team’s repair specialist was Maggie Weston. Sgt. Rita Torres acted as the squad’s second in command. Then, there was the rookie, Kaz Takagi, and the communications specialist, Alec DeLeon. The most experienced member of the squad was the marksman Wolf Bronski. Surprisingly, a Neosapien who had led a prior revolt, Marsala, served under the Able Squad.

The Playmates action figure toy line

Playmates 1994 Exo Squad General Shiva with Amphibious Assault E-Frame

To help promote the television series, Playmates created a toy line that was available from 1993 to 1996. Originally, the Exo Squad toy line was released as a stand-alone with nothing tied to it. As Playmates continued to produce action figures for the toy line, they decided to boost it by combining it with another well-known series of robotic exo-suits.

Even though the cartoon series had nothing to do with Robotech, Playmates acquired the rights for both Exo Squad and Robotech. So, they eventually combined the two lines, even using the same molds from Matchbox’s prior toy line.

Playmate’s Exo Squad toy line featured multiple E-Frames toys, portraying the machines from the cartoon series. For instance, there was J.T. Marsh’s Aerial Attack E-Frame. Meanwhile, Nora Frame came packaged with her Reconnaissance E-Frame. Rita Torres came with her Field Sergeant E-Frame, while Marsala came packaged with his Sub-Sonic Scout E-Frame.  There were only a few examples of the E-frames for the Able Squad.

Playmates also created E-frames for the Neosapien forces. Notably, Phaeton came with his Command E-frame. There was also a High-Speed Stealth E-frame that came with Typhonus. Otherwise, fans could pick up singular action figures of the Neosapiens like Neo Cat.

Over the years that the Exo Squad was available at toy stores, multiple sublines were available for fans to collect. The Cyberview E-Frames were available within the first year of the toy line’s production. Playmates also produced Light Attack E-Frames, Space E-Frames, and Special Mission E-Frames. Playmates provided the Mini Exo-Command Battle Sets for players wanting to stage epic battles.

Robotech joins the Exo Squad

When Playmates integrated Robotech into the Exo Squad toy line, they introduced a new set of robots and E-frames. For instance, they introduced the Veritech Fighter to the Robotech series, which also featured mechs like the Spartan Destroid and Battlepods.

The Exo Squad legacy

Even though the cartoon series lasted only until 1994, Playmate’s toy line and other related media lasted much longer. At the height of Exo Squad’s popularity was a comic book series Topps Comics created in 1994. Otherwise, fans had the chance to play out their favorite battles on the Sega Genesis with the video game produced by Playmates.

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