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One of the rarest toy lines from the 1980s was the Earth Force from Pace Toys. Since Pace Toys was a tiny toy company, they only made a few of these action figures from 1985 to 1986. While it is rare to find one of these toys in the current market, it is even rarer to locate them with their accessories. Despite their rarity, the line is not well-known. So, collectors may be able to pick up some of the toys at a cheap price.

Pace Toys designed the Earth Force to complement ongoing popular lines like He-Man. Their action figures were created at a 5 ½” to 6” scale. They had articulation at the head, arms, and legs. Though, collectors need to be aware that they used leg bands, which tend to fail. The toy line was split into teams, with each team receiving similarly colored accessories.

Pace Toys created no villain characters for the toy line. However, they encouraged players to use other 5 ½” action figures to create imaginative battles.

Color front artwork for the card back. The back of the card was black and white line art and had information for all characters and teams currently available. The back of the card described the backstory of the Earth Force as follows:

“The Universe has evolved to the point where all Planets must send Peace Keeping Forces to join the “FEDERATION of the UNIVERS” whose combined Forces patrol the Galaxies monitoring the potential trouble zones.

The individuals that represent Planet Earth are known as “THE EARTH FORCE”. The members of this elite team each have special CYBORG ARMAMENT that greatly increases their powers, when the CYBORG ARMAMENT is worn the Teams are indestructible.”

In 1985, there were 3 teams: the Cyborg Team, the Ground Team, and the Flight Team. Cherokee and Lazar were members of the Cyborg Team. Then, Professor “Hacksaw” Hackett and Colonel “Hammer” Jackson were the members of the Ground Team. Finally, Major “Blaster” Barton and Commander “Comet” Kelley were the two members of the Flight Team.

The Cyborg Team developed the Cyborg Armaments that the Earth Force relied on. When members of the various Teams wore this armor, their abilities became greatly increased. However, the CYBORG ARMAMENT only worked for the Team members through chemical interaction. Cherokee used his exceptional ESP powers to lead the Federation Cybernetic Departments. Meanwhile, Lazar’s X-Ray and Telescopic Vision helped him as the member in charge of Space Navigation.

The Ground Team Introduced Still Weapons, which immobilized enemies for up to twelve hours. This was especially useful since the Force preferred to immobilize rather than kill. Professor Hackett created the Still Weapons. He gained his call-name “Hacksaw” since he was in charge of Medical Diagnostics and Repair. Then, Colonel Jackson was known as the “Hammer” because of his superior skills in hand-to-hand combat. With his skills, he could disable Robots and other beings with deadly blows.

Pace Toys Earth Force

The Flight Team commanded expeditions and specialized in interstellar flight and space battle tactics. The team called Major Barton, the space weapons commander, Blaster. He was in charge of Space Battle Tactics and Weapons. Then, Commander Kelley, the Flight Commander, was called “Comet” because he was the first being to successfully navigate through a Comet.

Meanwhile, in 1986 there were 2 groups: The Explorer Team and the Star Ranger. There were three members of the Explorer Team: Doctor “Red” Roger Wolf, Professor “Atom” Orden Atom, and Doctor “Bronco” Hank Tago. Finally, there were the Star Rangers: Colonel “Neut” Ned E. Utron, Captain Don “Doppler” Opper, and Major Bart “Backfire” Nigel

Doctor Roger Wolf of the Explorer Team was the head of the team. He was nicknamed “red” because of his red hair as well as being born on the Red Planet, Mars. He invented the Particle Beam referred to as the Trap, which the rest of the team used in their quest for discoveries in the universe.

Professor Orden Atom born on a colony on Jupiter, was always searching for new occurrences in interstellar space that could affect colony life. He was a great scientist and mathematician but was also known to be absent-minded. Otherwise, he was known for never-ending research.

Doctor Hank Tago was born in space to a pioneer research team, so he felt like the Universe was his home. He also believed that he was made of stardust. He gained the nickname “Bronco” because he operates his rocket pack like a cowboy. Fun-loving and wise-cracking Hank always saw humor even when faced with threats from aggressive aliens. He also believed that we had not touched or dreamed of the vastness and beauty offered to humans by the cosmos.

Colonel Ned E. Utron, also called “Neut”, was the head of the Star Rangers. He was the first to use the new blaster and had the most powerful system created to date. His knowledge of science and caring for humans made him one of the most respected leaders in space.

Captain Don Opper was given the nickname “Doppler” because of the sound pitches used by him when energizing his automatic immobilizing reload system. Using pitches, he can reflect soundwaves to immobilize enemies for up to 12 hours or more.

Major Bart Nigel was nicknamed “Backfire” because he created a cloud effect when energizing his systems to create a decoy, a reflective screen, or a protective screen. Aliens called him the ace of space.

While Pace Toys managed to keep the Earth Force going for two waves, they had to cancel the toy line because of financial difficulties. As a small toy company, Pace Toys never set up multimedia marketing like cartoons or comics. So, the line did not gain any additional fans. Unsurprisingly, no company to date has expressed interest in reviving or reissuing the Earth Force action figures.

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