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In the 1980s, several companies created budget plastic toys, such as the California-based Imperial Toy Company. This company is well-known by Godzilla collectors for its small selection of articulated action figures that made an appearance on the Roseanne show. However, they created several other toy lines, including a small fantasy-themed line called Dragons, Knights & Daggers.

Even though Knights was in the name of this line, there were basically no humans nor humanoid characters created by Imperial Toy. Instead, the toy line mostly focused on the fantastical beasts that these knights would have ridden. Moreover, the toy line featured weapons packs filled with axes, swords, shields, and many more weapons. There was both a red and blue pack of weapons available for purchase.

Imperial Dragons, Knights & Daggers Rhino Avenger

The main attraction for the Dragons, Knights & Daggers toy line was the selection of beasts, with many coming with chariots and saddles. For instance, Imperial created the Rhino Avenger and Chariot set. This set came with 12 warrior weapons. Otherwise, there was the Attack Stallion, a fearsome unicorn that was molded in a reared-up battle pose. Next, there was the Sabertooth Serpent, a unique quadruped reptile with enlarged tusks on its upper jaw.  Imperial also produced the Battle Beast, a two-headed quadruped reptile with a spiked tail.

Otherwise, there were a few other creatures produced for the Dragons, Knights & Daggers toy line. Representing the title’s dragon element was a two-headed dragon. This creature could be found in multiple colors. Moreover, they produced a typical winged European-styled dragon. Finally, there was a winged Pegasus horse that stood out with its horns.

There was also a stand-alone Battle Chariot that a single action figure could ride in. This attachment came with an additional 12 warrior weapons as well as a harness. So the rider could be heavily armed as it rode behind one of the toy line’s fearsome beasts.

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