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Dimensions For Children, or DFC, was a small toy company based in New York, New York. The company focused on creating fantasy-inspired toys at a budget price. One of their most successful toy lines was the Dragonriders of Styx.

The Dragonriders of Styx toy line focused on presenting imaginative fantasy characters that rode on various creatures, especially dragons. While many toys in the 1980s had multimedia marketing, like cartoons and comics, DFC did not implement this strategy. Moreover, there were no suggested lore or bio cards present on the toys.

So, these toys arrived on store shelves in 1983 and promptly left within a year. There were over 16 toys in this line, though some of them were variants. DFC also created over a hundred miniature PVC figurines within one of the line’s playsets.

Unlike most articulated action figures from the time, the Dragonriders from Styx did not use rubber bands to connect joints. Despite the more sold construction, they featured articulation at the hip, knees, neck, and shoulders.

DFC Dragonriders of Styx The Black Knight

The basic 3 ¾” action figures from the Dragon Riders of Styx toy line featured seven characters. There were the Black Knight, Demon Warrior, Dragon Man, Gulliez the Ogre, and Ragnar the Warrior. Two action figures were palette swaps: a black outfit wizard and a red outfit wizard.

DFC also produced several fantasy creatures that served as the mounts for these characters. Despite the name of the toy line, most of the mounts were not dragons. These creatures included a Demon Flyer, Fantar, Roozan, and the Serpent Rider. There was also a Skull Sled. These vehicles were accompanied by 3 ¾” scale action figures that served as their riders.

Otherwise, the toy line featured smaller creatures that zoomed around on wheels. They called these toys the Duelin’ Devils. They included a Dragon, a Demon, a Skull, and a Spectre. There was also a Mystery Action Dragon that featured light-up eyes and mouth. This dragon could seat 3 ¾” action figures and featured Bump N’ Go mystery action.

Finally, DFC produced a massive play set that gave players a chance to stage huge battles. This set featured over 115 pieces, though each piece was a tiny PVC figurine. These figurines were broken up as follows: 6 Wizards, 12 Dragonriders, 30 Knights, 6 Titans, 12 Gargoyles, 6 Ogres, and 40 Demons. It also had a full-color plastic Castle with a Dungeon that could sit on a full-color 3-foot by 4-foot vinyl terrain sheet. Otherwise, this set came with 2 full-color plastic mountains and a lifelike giant dragon.

Notably, some Dragonriders of Styx toys were produced by Multi-Toys Corp. This Hong-Kong-based company specialized in producing budget action figures.

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