1994 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog – Page 30 – Jurassic Park

Join us on a journey through the 1994 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog, which offered a first look at Kenner’s latest toys. For instance, readers had the chance to view their latest Batman, ALIENS, Predator, and Jurassic Park toys.

Kenner covered the exciting Jurassic Park line-up of action figures, dinosaurs, vehicles, and other toys on page 30 of the 1994 Toy Fair Catalog. After Steven Spielberg awed audiences with his 1993 film, the public was hungry for dinosaur action. So, Kenner provided a large selection of toys based on this hit film. Even today, these figures remain highly desirable by fans and collectors.

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On this page, Kenner promoted No. 61060, Jurassic Park Light Vehicle Assortment. It featured Evil Raiders Strike Cycle Vehicle. The bad guys did it up on their STRIKE CYCLE, designed to hunt down even the most unruly dinosaurs. Then, the sidecar detaches and featured a firing grappling hook with a tether. Then, it had the Dino Trackers Jungle Runner Vehicle that could get in and out of hot spots in no time. It featured a firing grappling hook, snap-off Dino-Damage roll bar, and flip-down dino-carrying stretcher for hauling off tranquilized dinos or injured humans.

Next, Kenner promoted No. 61065, Jurassic Park Capture Cruiser Vehicle. Dino Trackers safely captured dinosaurs and returned them to JURASSIC PARK in the high-tech CAPTURE CRUISER vehicle, fully-equipped with a deployable capture net. This vehicle also featured room for 2 passengers and a Dino-Damage rear fender for action-packed play.

Finally, this page featured No. 61016, Jurassic Park Bush Devil Tracker Vehicle. Straight from the movie, this heavy-duty vehicle allowed fans to hunt down dinosaurs and lasso them with the pole snare. Before they tore loose, this vehicle would fire a Tranq-Missile. Then, the windshield could get ripped off during the struggle. It could fit three figures, which were not included.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1994 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Kenner provided to retailers and representatives.

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