1988 LJN Toy Fair Catalog – Page 20 – Enteractive Video Games

Begin your journey through the 1988 Toy Fair Catalog from LJN, where they never stop growing up. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1988 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

Beginning on page 20 of the 1988 Toy Fair Catalog, LJN celebrated their Enteractive Video Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. As video games sprung back from the brink of demise after 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System swept the market. Thus, LJN began producing their unique brand of entertainment for the system. To help them build a presence in the system’s catalog, they created multiple licensed games that all gained the Nintendo Seal of Assurance.

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Here, they presented #5153, the Gotcha video game. This survival game asked players to use the Nintendo Zapper and capture the flag.

Next, they promoted #5151, the Karate Kid video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This was a fast-paced action-adventure video game that brought the excitement of the movie home. The game asked players to jump, kick, and punch as Daniel-San searched for the Oriental Princess.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1988 Toy Fair Catalog from LJN. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that LJN provided to retailers and representatives.

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